Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dane County Fair 2011

Hit the Fairgrounds early on Saturday to beat the heat. Joey and Steve and I made the rounds in the barns. The animals were so hot. I love this photo of three different sized/patterned cows.

 Then we perused the arts exhibits. This stained glass cabinet caught my eye.
 As did this fabulous quilt of all of the counties in Wisconsin.
 Couldn't get it all in one shot.
 There was a hybrid car show. This old Gremlin brought back high school memories...
 I don't know what this was but it was Molly Bee sized....
 There was even room for Mr. Bentley if he wouldn't wiggle so much. I think it gets such great mileage because you have to pedal it to make it go. Maybe the solution is to make Ol' Ben pull it?
 There was a sign on the midway that outlined how tall you have to be to ride on the rides.  Steve makes the grade. He's 'this big'.

This girl wasn't tall enough but got in line anyway. She suffered the consequences.

 (Actually, this was a great photo in the inside exhibits.  LOVE IT.)

I was going to go to the Olbrich Butterfly exhibit after the fair but I had CCOB (Cotton Candy On Board).  Friend Scott loves cotton candy (cleverly renamed by Steve... 'Scotton Candy') and so I got some to drop off to him on the way home. It was so hot that I took it inside with me when we went to lunch at Red Robin.  No one even looks twice at you if you take your scotton candy out for lunch apparently, but I couldn't picture taking it into Olbrich and being swarmed, killed, and eaten by a battalion of butterflies trying to get the sugary treat.  Oh they look beautiful; all fluttery and harmless, one or two at a time, but they are decidedly vicious and deadly in numbers (in my mind).  Thought I'd go today but then got all caught up in stuff around here and didn't go. Next weekend for sure.  I don't think they'll be there much longer.

Anyway, it was a great weekend at Chez Bee. How was yours?


Cindy G said...

You were a brave woman to go to the fair in the heat :-).

Anonymous said...

Great post, I love the fair too!

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