Farmer's Tan On My Shins...

I've been wearing clam digger pants a lot this summer. Pardon me, 'capris' is the proper term I guess. It's been so blasted hot. I can't wear shorts to the farm because of barn fowl who will remain nameless so capris seems like a pretty good compromise. Cooler than jeans and less bare leg to protect from sharp beaks and talons. I didn't realize how much I was wearing them until I happened to glance in the mirror after a shower the other day and realized I have a farmer's tan from below the knee down. Sheesh!  Time to get some self tanner and try to even it out. Chances are it will still be farmer's tan on the bottom and orange skin on top. Does this crap happen to anyone else?

I've been working on a knitting project that I can't talk about and some art work that I can't talk about and relationship issues that I can't talk about. Hmm. Makes it difficult to blog.  All will be revealed soon enough I guess.


MadCityMike said…
Ok...."tease" us and then not say anything. Great! Now I hope I can get some sleep tonight by NOT worrying about these 3 things. UGH! You do know how to frustrate a nosy person! ;)
Nice new look, too!
Sara said…
All good things! We can wait!

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