Monday, June 13, 2011

Again With the Not Posting!

Sorry! I seem to be running around like a headless barnyard fowl more than ever these days!  The warm weather brings lots of opportunity to do fun things.  This in turn allows me to escape household chores which is my one true goal in life, so out the door I go!  Recent events include:  movies with friends (Pirates of the Caribbean and Super 8-both of which were awesome), dinner and Verona Hometown carnival with friend-Steve, Knit In Public Day with the Naughty Girls at The Sow's Ear, Tai Chi practice, sofa-bed shopping and other things that I'm sure I've forgotten!

While we were Knitting in Public Sunday, the Verona Hometown parade went by. It was pretty awesome-over and hour long! Here are some photos.
 Cottage Grove Belly Whistlers (this was my favorite float of the parade)
 Biker Bears

 Very cute circus train with a lot of cars
 Circus Cars
Circus Cars
It's always fun until the buzzards show up
 Everyone knows that buzzards always herald in the giant zombies

The zombies were part of a Haunted Barn that holds a Zombie Prom.

Holy Molar! There were so many cute things, I'll have to post more tomorrow!

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Lisa/knitnzu said...

Now THAT looks like an awesome parade!

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