Thursday, June 30, 2011

♫ I Always Feel Like...Somebody's Watching Me...♫

So I was up working on this nine tile mosaic into the wee hours the other night (10:30 PM...this is ME we're taking about). 

I finally decided to go to bed and took Ben out for his last watering of the night. I turned on the patio light and got the eeriest feeling that I was being watched. I normally feel like this but this was different. This isnt' like when the neighbors are peeking out their window to see what stoopid stunt I'll perform next or when aliens are monitoring me...this was creepy-weird.  Ben did his 'bid-ness' and when we went in, I noticed THIS:

All along the eaves...laying in wait....The BIRDS!

They are too big to all be in the nest anymore but they are still nearby.  They really don't like to have their photo taken.  The flash at night makes them 'swear' at me in addition to staring at me with those cold, beady little eyes.  I'll definitely be sleeping with my windows closed from now on....if I can sleep at all!

1 comment:

Barb said...

Your artistic creations are so, so beautiful!!! I am always in awe when I "biggify" them. Wowsa!!

How was the bird situation this morning? Try rescuing them from a snake....that makes you a hero in their cold, beady little eyes! :O)

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