Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sensational Saturday

My pinkeye is gone. Ben is doing fabulously and things are starting to look up at The House of Bee!  I was mighty worried about the boy Thursday afternoon and Thursday night, but by noon on Friday he was back to his old spunky-monkey self; noshing on extra treats and slaying dragons.
 Whatta??? Is that a dragon?!?!? In MY living room?
 I will nom the dragon! Nom! Nom! Nom!
I wasn't comfortable leaving him alone on Friday night for Knit Night so I had Knit Night come to me in the the form of Dale Harriet and Jen. Ben solicited copious amounts of skritches, snuggles and snogs from both of them, not to mention extra charlie bears to munch. Dale even brought him a new, purple, puppy toy that he loves. His cup runneth over!

Dale was fortunate that she had to bail early to go meet friend Donna because Ben and I subjected Jen to horrendous movies (Superstar and Blades of Glory) until she finally couldn't take it anymore and went home around midnight.  I made good headway on my latest knit project. My cup runneth over as well.

My berry basket also runneth over as luck would have it. I popped over to my local berry farm and picked two and a half pounds of berries.YUM! It's the first weekend of the season and they are still quite small but very, VERY tasty. I farmed a few out to the neighbors and selfishly horded the rest. I was nearly eaten alive by small cricket-like critters the likes of which I've never seen before to obtain them after all so I get the lions share!

I also got yelled at by a crazy guy in a bathrobe for turning around in his dooryard .  My front tires were in the entrance of the long drive to his manse over in a Swankville neighborhood and I was just about to back up when he and the Mrs. and their two shi-shi little dogs came running down the grounds towards me. I didn't know what was going on and I didn't want to run over the dogs so I just sat there thinking that they were coming to pick them up.  Turns out, she was. He was coming down to knock on the hood of my car, give me a stern look and waggle his finger back and forth at me. It was such a lunatic-sit-com situation, that I'm afraid I'm guilty of laughing in his pretentious  face. Honey! After the week I've had, your wiggle-waggle finger and the sight of your bloated, terry-clad body are the very least of my worries! Thanks for the smile!

How was YOUR sensational Saturday?


Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

I was worried about Ben, too. I'm feeling relieved. I didn't get a lay off notice in the mail, so that's sensational! A woman at a gifte shoppe scared me by saying that one of her customers who has/had a job similar to mine, got one in the mail. Just shows to go you. Keep calm and knit on!

Barb said...

I slew (slew?) my own dragons here at Plum Thickety Place on Saturday. A snake was in the lilac hedge consuming a baby robin while the parents and neighbors went crazy. You can read about it on my blog.

So, my being a herione in my own little world made it a good day yesterday.

So glad your boy is feeling better and that you had a good weekend...well, almost a good weekend but the fellow gave you a good laugh, so that counts for something.

Have a great week!

MadCityMike said...

Glad that things are back to "normal" in "Beeland". Seems certain "types" are attracted to Mc Mansions...... Guess we'd never fit in, so good thing we're not wealthy (or over extended in a mortgage), eh?

Sara said...

Thank you so much! It is 2 am right now and all I want is strawberries! (Glad that you and Ben are both better...)

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