Stitch and Pitch 2011

I went to my first Brewer's game in the new Miller Park Stadium with the Sow's Ear group last night. The park sponsors a Stitch and Pitch game every summer. They invite knitters/crocheters from all over the state to a game and they have special contests, raffles and even a Miller Park Chorizo Sausage bobble head souvenir...and he's knitting! 
Got on the bus at The Ear and rode to Milwaukee. Got a lot of knitting done on the bus. We tailgated in the parking lot before the game-hotdogs-YUM and then went in to the stadium just as the black clouds rolled in. Got to watch them close the roof which was really amazing.  We signed up for the raffle, collected of Chorizo and headed for our seats on the second floor.

The new stadium is beautiful though I couldn't help but remember the big crane disaster that occurred during it's construction. So sad.  Our section was mostly all knitters except for two guys behind us who were so freaked out by all of the crazy, knitting ladies with pointy sticks that they vacated the premises fairly early in the second inning.
I quickly discovered that though the concept sounds good, knitting and baseball are a kind of oil and water mixture at best. Between being squished into the seats, trying to pay attention to the game, juggling your drink and gigantic sesame-garlic pretzel, having beer splashed on you, having to stand up and gather all of your belongings from the sticky floor in front of you every two seconds for someone who has to get out of your row to go get a snack or go to the bathroom, knitting just wasnt' in the cards. I put it away and spent the rest of the evening enjoying the game. Really enjoying it.. I know! Me! Liking a sport!
The Field
The Jumbo tron
Of course, true to form I was more amused by the fun stuff like the racing sausages and when the mascot, Bernie the Brewer, slid down the water slide into a hot tub when there was a home run!

There was a wicked thunderstorm during the game with strobing lightning flashes and thunder that could be felt and heard over the crowds and announcers!  The power flickered once and led me to entertain what would actually happen should the lights go out while I was surrounded by 40,000 of my closest friends in what is essentially a giant, ramped/corridored/domed gerbil habitat for people, but it didn't happen.
Open roof before the game
             Closed roof during the game
We won the game which was exciting-don't think I've even been to a game where we won before.  When we left the stadium, it was pouring. The bus was parked way out in the dooryard so it was a 10 -15 minute walk in the crowds and we were all drenched for the ride home. All in all I had a great time and I'd go again in a minute. But next time, I'll remember to leave my knitting bag on the bus!


Kitty Mommy said…
LOVE the Bobblehead!

I would hope that such a facility would have an emergency back-up generator in case of lights out.. Otherwise, you have given me a whole new thing to have crowd heebie-jeebies about.
MadCityMike said…
I immediately thought of "The Dome" during Hurricane Katrina! Then it hit me that you had 2 pointy weapons ready in case of bullying, so felt relief pass over me and was able to enjoy reading the rest of your post. ;)
Glad you had a nice time......being squished into a seat and having to move after gathering gear each time someone wanted to get out of the row.....doesn't make me envious at all. ;)
egebs said…
This sounds like so much fun.
It's a mug of beer. B. Brewer slides down into a mug of beer. This was GOOD weather. It waaaaay beat hot and sticky. Last year we got a bobble head of Bernie knitting a long blue and yellow scarf. Before that, no bobblies.
dale-harriet said…
I was glad you were the Represent the Naughties -- my favorite part of any sports event is the food and the fun bits. Do you remember which Sausage won the race?
Justin Frisque said…

I see you had a Chorizo Stitch and Pitch you by chance have it still, or any others by the Brewers, that you are looking to sell? I have been trying to get my hands on one for awhile here. Let me know!