Friends Are The Family You Choose

It was a busy weekend around the Bee house. I spent lots of time with my Wisconsin Family. Being out here in Wisconsin all on my own would be really scary if I hadn't cobbled together quite a family of friends that I love dearly.  Friday night found me at The Stables at Quivey's Grove with Scott and Michael for a fish fry supper. You know the food is good when you're willingly to wait about an hour to get in, it's so packed. We had a wonderful meal and visit. They are truly brothers from another mother. 

On Saturday, I spent the afternoon with my Last Saturday Knitting sisters, Jen and  Elizabeth and Wisconsin Mom, Dale. Had an excellent time as always and got some more sock knitting done. Dale and I had tentatively planned to go out to supper and shopping at Joanne's but my tummy was acting up so we cancelled for this month. Next month though...look out.  Hopefully my twin sister Mary will be able to join us...unless she gets a better offer like she did this Saturday. A better offer, Mary? Really?

Sunday found me at Cuco's with Joey and Rob, neighbors extraordinaire and Ben's favorite uncles. Cuco's is a new Mexican place in Verona, located where the old Stockade restaurant used to be. I sure hope they are successful and stick around.  They are pretty busy and the food is fantastic so I can't see why they wouldn't. I highly recommend the grilled fish or spinach quesadilla. The company was awesome as usual. I haven't been much time with J and R so it was nice to catch up. 

After lunch I headed out to Ridgeway to Ayers to look for a sleeper sofa. I've been watching the sale ads but haven't seen what I was looking for. Then Sunday Ayers had an ad in the paper 40-60% off so I headed out. I got a heckuva deal on an Englander queen size sleeper. It's hard to find one that is comfortable to sit on and to sleep on but this one fits the bill. It gets delivered Saturday!
This is Ben's morning spot to sun worship!
Over and around all of that, Ben and I did some porch sittin' in the lovely weather. He's feeling lots better and Sunday was especially nice with warmth, low humidity, and light breeze. The only detriment to sitting out there is that it perturbs the barn swallows that are trying to feed the four babies in the nest in the corner. They fuss about and swoop down at us but eventually settle down, until you move and then they start all over again. 
Angry birds (click to biggify-it's worth it to see his grumpy expression!)
This morning there was a baby robin bouncing around the patio and lawn. He can fly short distances but he is sorely lacking in landing skills. He generally runs into a wall to stop and then falls to the ground. Reminds me of my ice skating skills. He'll get it though. It's still early in the game.
Baby Should Be Grounded
So it was a weekend that I needed.  Time with family to ground me, relaxing time with my best pup and wee bits of wildlife flitting about.  Restorative and recharging....Hope you all had a great weekend too!

PS: I updated Mollydoodles tonight with a Diva's challenge as well for those that interested.


Kitty Mommy said…
Angry bird sez: "I will keel you with my angry eyes."
Darkskye said…
Ahhhh!!! That is such a cute bird!!
Lisa/knitnzu said…
Glad Ben's feeling better, and that you have good people!
terri browne said…
Sounds like a lovely weekend! We love the fish fry at Quivey's Grove - yum!