Wind In The Willows

I have been remiss on blogging lately. It's been a pretty busy time with not a whole lot of blog-worthy stuff happening. Plus, in my old age, I post updates on Facebook and misremember it as making a blog entry. Sheesh.

I have a large three-month project coming up at work that most likely will eat up a lot of my free time so I have been making the rounds with friends now-hoarding up on fun; Farmer's Market, suppers, brunches, Knit Nights, Game nights etc. I'm truly blessed to have such a supportive family of friends near and far!

Ben has been his normal Bentley self. Up to his old antics. The neighbors must think I have a paranoia disorder because when I take him outside, I hook his leash on and then look down and left, down and right, a little further out and left, a little further out and right; scoping out the whole area through the sliding glass door before we exit. You see, Ben has a toad licking problem, that with little provocation often leads to a toad eating problem if not closely monitored. Mr. Toad, who has been in and around my patio all summer, looks like a mighty tasty tidbit as far as he's concerned. Since I made a pact with Mr. Toad that he would eat bugs and I wouldn't let HIM get eaten, I have to be extra vigilant. Especially with the mosquitoes being so bad this year and all.

One night last week, we were going outside before supper. I hooked up Ben's leash, did my checking over of the patio, determined the general area was toad free and out we went. I turned to close the door and then turned back around 6 nanoseconds later only to see Ben mulling something over in his mouth. In one swell foop, I yelled,"No! What have you got! Drop it!" and administered a Three Stooges-esque slap to the back of his head. Now normally he doesn't drop anything. Ever. But apparently he was so startled, he didn't ask any questions, he just spit the hors d'Ĺ“uvre out pronto.


It wasn't big enough to be Mr. Toad. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a pretty good-sized mole. Yes, I apparently have the entire cast of 'Wind In The Willows' living on my patio. I got to him quick enough though; he was still alive. Ben hadn't chomped him yet, just sucked on him a little...well a lot actually. The little fella was sitting there stunned, wiping the ectoplasmic dog drool off his face with a 'WTF-Just-Happened 'look on his face and then he took off as fast as his slime-laden body could go. I guess life is just one big buffet to Ben. Wonder what the neighbors think now that I have to make a thorough Secret-Service-Agent type sweep of the entire perimeter before we go out.

In other news I have been knitting a mitten pattern that I am designing as I go. For those of you who know me, this is HUGE! Despite my penchant for NEVER following a food recipe exactly, knitting patterns are a different story. I NEVER 'wing it'. So to just go 'sans pattern' is...WOW! Also a first... I am using the Highlight yarn that I spun with my own fair hand!
Usually I spin up fiber and then either give it as a gift or keep a few of my 'preciouses' in a box to fondle now and then and then put back. The whole project is way out of my comfort zone but I'm groovin' on it. Here are some crappy pictures of my progress so far (mostly for Mum who wanted to see what I've been talking about). Better pics coming when I finish the project.

Mitten without black top or black afterthought thumb.

Detailing of pattern and color

Off for now-laundry to do! Mount 'Wash'ington won't take care of itself. Tune in this weekend for Jefferson Sheep and Wool Festival pics!


Michelle said…
I LOVE that mitten! Nothin' better than black with bright colors. WOOT!
MadCityMike said…
Great looking mitten, Ms. Molly Bee. I love Ben's backyard buffet attitude, too, but glad that you look out for all the little'un's around your place.
Lisa/knitnzu said…
Look at you go with that mitten! You'll be needing it soon you know... Sometimes around here laundry becomes not just Mt. Washington, but Mt. Vesuvius...
kmkat said…
That is a GREAT-looking mitten. The colors really pop with the black yarn.

I made your ramen/cabbage/mandarin orange salad tonight -- yum!! (I had three helpings, oink.)
Cindy G said…
I lost it entirely at "ectoplasmic dog drool"

And I, too, love the mittens.
Sara in WI said…
Doncha think that you could blog everyday for those of us that need a little "MollyBeeGoodness" in our lives. Pretty please....
(Lovin' the mitten! Are you going to share your pattern sometime?
DPUTiger said…
Love the mittens. Yes, I'm catching up on blog-reading backlog. Why do you ask? ;-)