Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Name Things. It's What I Do.

Faithful readers may have noticed that I name things; spinning wheels, slippers, chairs, dog toys. Everything has its name and it's place. It balances My Universe. Molly Bee Names aren't crafted over time, they are most often blurted out before I can stop them. I am as surprised as anyone at what pops out-sometimes more so.

So there's this church down the road. The front lawn is a favorite of the local turkey tribe. 1 outta 3 times I drive by to get to town, there is a Tom and his bevy of beauties in the yard, doing their turkey thing-stuffing themselves on bugs I guess...stuffing themselves....get it? Anyway, this to me is an unusual phenomenon, so of course, it's inevitable that said church will eventually get its own special 'Molly Bee Name'.

It suddenly came up when someone was asking me yesterday where I live and I was trying to tell them, as I am wont to do, by landmarks rather than street names. I was confusing her more and more when I eventually mentioned the church. She perked right up and asked me its name. You know I've driven by approximately ten-thousand-bagiggatrillion times and never looked at the sign. The Jurassic-sized birds prancing around distract me quite frankly.

[A little back story before we continue... Back in The Before Times, when I was a kid, we used to go visit family in Hampstead, New Brunswick and often passed a church on the way that was built thisclose to the Trans Canada Highway. I'm not sure which was first, the church or the road, but the the church's name was 'Our Lady Of The Highway'. It always stuck me as odd and I always looked for it as a landmark on our journey down country. I had forgotten about it long ago...or so I thought...]

So I said I didn't know and she kept badgering me, "Come on! Remember! I know a lot of the area churches." Pressured and panicked, I blurted out, "Oh! You know! Our Lady of The Perpetual Turkey Herd!" Sigh. Molly Bee Naming Tourette's rears it's ugly head again. She wasn't amused at first, thinking I was poking fun at all organized religion or something, so I apologized and told her the back story and she was OK.

[Dear Lord, I wasn't making fun of You or Your Turkey Church; in fact I'm a big fan of your work , and those potential Thanksgiving guests make it my favorite church to drive by. Today I ask that you somehow reinstall the filter that keeps me from blurting out odd things in front of others. It's taking a toll on my street cred. In Your name we pray, Amen.]

And now, those foolhardy souls who have hung in this long, you will be rewarded with Actual Knitting Content (Echo Echo Echo)!!!!! I finally finished my Highlighter Mittens!
The black is Dale of Norway Baby Ull. The color is my own hand spun, variegated 3 ply, Navajo chain, Blue Faced wool. The pattern? MINE! That's right I designed 'em! Simple 2 strand pattern, after thought thumb, K2P2 rib wrist and a funky decrease top that I won't do again (next time I'll just make a wider version of a sock toe and Kitchener I think.

Anyway, done just in time since cold weather is setting in tonight. I hope the church turkeys are wearing their woolies as well!


Sara in WI said...

You just made my day, and weekend, actually. I know no one as exceptionally clever as you are, Mollie Bee! (Nice mittens, too!)

Michelle said...

LOVE THOSE MITTENS!!! (And you, too, though we haven't even met!)

MadCityMike said...

So many little time! Thank goodness I can say I have met THE MS. MOLLY BEE......and am VERY happy I did! And, as everyone who has met you, ALL.....would agree that you have not told any small tale when you said what passes through your mind, DOES come out "as is". THAT, Ms. Molly Bee, is what makes you such an interesting person, and endears YOU to all of US! ;)

Oh yeah....nice mittens, too. ;)

Mum said...

Beautiful mittens... you make me proud. I'm sure Grampy Lloyd would be proud too to think you've come a long way since making him the "infamous scarf"
You know me and sunsets...or sunrises... so very zen.

Elizabeth said...

Our Lady of The Perpetual Turkey Herd!! Love it!

Great mittens, too.

Today's verification word: dogodys

Cindy G said...

Love the mittens! Black sets the colors off and really makes them sing.

(Rather like the church name, too. I don't think it's disrepectful, just helpfully descriptive.)

DPUTiger said...

Those mittens are AWESOME!!!! And your Molly Bee Naming Tourettes is hilarious. Thanks for sharing!

YarnThrower said...

Highlighter mittens -- very apropos, and they are cute!
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