Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Photo Essay Tuesday

I've been busy living life at 100mph lately so have been lax on the posting. I've accumulated pictures that don't really go with anything, not even each other. But it's a photo essay of my recent days so here goes.

Beautiful sunrise outside the nest.

Mr. Ben-Not a morning guy.

Ben and his new buddy Sheldon Sheep. This is their normal perch when I work from home.

Pretty yellow flowers in the prairie across the street
I like that there's a fly in this picture. His name is Waldo. Can you find him?
New Glarus Brewery

I encourage you to tour the new site if you haven't already.

The mums on my patio. I love the purpley-pink color.

Told you none of it went together!
In other news, I finished my self-designed-knit with-my-own-handspun-yarn mittens. As soon as I block them I'll post pictures. Judging by the weather forecast, I may need to wear them to Mt. Horeb Fall Fest on Saturday!


Cindy G said...

Beautiful sunrise pictures! And beautiful flower pictures.
Ben looks like me before my coffee.

MadCityMike said...

You have a wonderful eye for photography......beautiful photos!

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