What's That Smell?

Had another fabulous weekend. The weather couldn't have better and I spent most of Saturday with my Last Saturday Knitting group which is always a blast. We met at a local restaurant for lunch beforehand. Mary and I arrived a little early, and there is a comic book store next door to the restaurant that Mary wanted to go to so I went with her. I've only been in one a couple of times before, and not recently, so I'd forgotten that 'special' smell of comic book and gaming stores. What is that anyway? Ink? Plastic? Bat Man costumes? Orks? A combination of geek sweat, 40 year old virginity and desperation? I dunno but I got so lightheaded that I had to go to spend a half an hour in the safe environment that is 'Bed Bath and Beyond' to detox afterward. I'm kidding. It was amazing to see all of the comics they have out now ; essentially every show on television now has its own comic book (ahem, a thousand pardons, 'Graphic Novel') with fantasy episodes that you won't see on TV. Very interesting.

Almost the whole gang (and then some) showed up at Last Saturday Knitting and we cleared out Victor Allen's as we are wont to do when we get rowdy. We make up for the lost customers with coffee and pastry purchases a plenty. It was Tasha Tudor's birthday so I made gingersnaps for our little tea party and dressed up in her honor (which was confusing to certain members of our group who didn't realize I actually had legs under the denim they are usually encased in).

Saturday night was spent working. I do have to be a responsible adult sometimes.

Sunday morning and early afternoon was spent taking advantage of a unexpected, stray power surge and getting a jump on fall cleaning my nest. Even scraped the Ben-slobber off the patio door which took almost 40 minutes and was no fun on the outside where it was 90+° in the shade which the door wasn't. Vacuuming, laundry, bed, trash, dishes, fridge; I was on fire. I even whipped up crock pot curry so I wouldn't have to cook as much this week. I was too tired to eat any of it so will try it at supper time tonight and let you know how it is, but smelled heavenly.

I crashed for a nap in mid-afternoon and then resumed with work-work until True Blood came on at 8P. I called it a day and knit some on my Sock Blank socks for a couple of hours. I anticipate finishing them tonight, I've already started the toe decreases.

It was productive but so much for the 'down time' I had planned. I had to come back to work today just to rest! Hope you all had wonderful weekends too!


Lisa/knitnzu said…
Gee, I dunno, it could be a dead skunk or a vase of roses.

I am SO JEALOUS you get to watch True Blood.... I got so addicted to it, but don't have hbo... need to wait for the 3rd season via netflix. TRIED to watch via hulu, but couldn't. So sad for me... it's such a hot (and really kinda dumb) show (I LOVE IT).