50th Class Reunion

Mum threw a little shindig in honor of her 50th class reunion. There were 16 in her class. Three have passed away and three couldn't make it but all of the others did. The tables were decorated with fresh flox and mints that had 50 on them.
We put a big table out for all of the goodies. Good thing we did! It was full when everyone showed up!

Here is Mum and her class. The lady the second from the right is Patricia. She was Mum's bestie, in school. She stayed the night with us before heading home the next morning. She recently moved from Connecticut to the Bangor aream which is only 2 hours from Mum. Given the way they carried on the night of the reunion and the next morning, I'm not sure it's such a good idea for them to be in such close proximity. Better start saving up bail money in case I get the call! What a pair!

And here is a gratuitous fur baby picture. This is Pun'kin. She was my buddy and made huge strides in being sociable and not so afraid of strangers during the 2 weeks I was home. Way to go Pun'kin! Tell Grammie I said to scritch your ears and give you a belly rub!

Tomorrow: Marooned at sea and twilight at camp.


terri browne said…
Oh, that is too cute! Love the class pic.

Your mum has me beat -- my high school class had a whopping 26 people!
Cindy G said…
That's great that so many were able to make it for the reunion. a 50 year get together is pretty impressive.
Lisa/knitnzu said…
"better start saving bail money" ... um, like folks say when they meet my mom... "this explains a lot!"!!!