Boothbay and Birch Point Beach State Park

After the Botanical Gardens, we went down to the water in Boothbay for supper. No fancy seafood restaurants for us! We got a yummy Italian sandwich and ate it at a picnic table down on the pier; so much fun to watch the boats and people.
It wasn't all fun and games however. Maine is fraught with danger at every turn. The wild animals are particularly troublesome. This black bear just would not stop harassing me until I posed for a picture with him and gave him something from my pic-a-nik basket.
I wish this picture has come out better. We went to the Maine State Aquarium and they had the hugest lob-stah I had ever seen in a big tank there. I'm surprise there weren't Mission Impossible guys dangling from the ceiling, trying to break the glass and steal him. With the price of seafood, this monster would have been quite a treasure. My favorite part of the aquarium was petting the dogfish sharks and rays...and holding a creepy sea cucumber.
Mum got a new Tom Tom navigator for the car. We changed the voice option to 'male' and then 'Richard' was our constant companion while driving around the coast. We asked him to find a little out-of-the-way state park called Birch Point Beach near Owl's Head and he finally did. I don't know how anyone could find it without billion dollar government communication satellites; it was waaaaay down some pretty dicey roads. At one point I was sure that Richard had taken us hostage and was leading us to our doom. We would have deserved it since we kept dropping him on his head on sharp turns and asking him if he thought he should stop somewhere and ask directions.
But in the end we found it and it was gorgeous. Pines, granite, seawater and salt air. HEAVEN!
Coming up: Rockland Breakwater and docking our little boat in Camden Harbor.


Lisa/knitnzu said…
That's why we all have the Delorme Atlas/Gazetteer in our cars! (clearly I am a pre gps in the car kinda person). That aquarium was a yearly destination when boyo was younger, especially when out of state cousins would visit. The sea cukes are my niece's favorite!
terri browne said…
I'm glad that your trip (at least as you've documented it so far) was free of dental catastrophes and other mishaps! Your pictures are just beautiful!
DPUTiger said…
Someday, I will visit Maine. Someday ...