My New Love

I have a new love in my life. When he holds me in his strong, yet sensitive, arms all my tension eases. He's more than willing to snuggle me all. night. long if I so choose, but doesn't take offense if I'd rather just turn in early. He's the most supportive love I've ever had. He's not much for conversation; he's more the strong silent type, but we can sit for hours in an easy silence. We watch old movies, do crosswords and read together. He supports my knitting habit and never says a word about unfinished projects or unneccessary yarn purchases. He gets me. He really gets me.

Meet Knute Rockme.

I finally decided to bite the bullet the other night and buy a chair that fits me. When I sit on my sofa or love seat, the seat is so deep and my legs are so, well... NOT, that my knees don't really bend and my legs stick out straight. I feel like that Lilly Tomlin character that used to sit in that huge rocker and say "And that's the truth!" and blow raspberries! Plus, try getting out of a sofa when your legs have lost purchase with the floor. It' ain't pretty. So I purused the personals for a fella who would be gentle and love me for me. Knute blew away the competition. He's all kinda 'just right'. I know it's a big step so soon, but we've been cohabitating blissfully since a week ago Thursday. Oh Lord, don't tell my Grandma!

Just had to include an Awwww picture in this post. This is my friends' Scott and Michael's new dog, Duchess. She's a 10 week old Golden Doodle. They had to frisk me when I left their house to make sure she wasn't in my purse. What a cutie!!! All fluff and waddle and puppy breath! I told you there'd be knitting content! Remember this?

This is the sock blank I got from The Fiber Art Cafe. I got Mum one too and so I took mine to Maine with me in the hopes that we could work on them together. It was so finorkin hot that neither of us got much accomplished. We did cast on but that was about it.

When I got home, I made more progress. The sock blank is double knit, so two strands come off when you unravel it. You simply knit two socks at a time and ta da matching funky colored socks. I will take better pictures when I get closer to being done. But have no fear...I'm anticipating the cooling weather setting in so I can get back in the swing of my fiber addictions!
And that's the truth. Pppfffffttttt!

How is your week going?


Lisa/knitnzu said…
The boyo just walked by and said that looks like a nice chair, a VERY NICE chair. Woo! The socks are lovely, but it looks SO COMPLICATED.
terri browne said…
Duchess is a cutie! And Knute looks like quite the strapping fella. Enjoy your newfound love! :)
Kitty Mommy said…
Have you named the footrest yet? My top two choices are 'Eft' which is a baby newt and 'Isaac' and then the three of you would be Isaac, Newt, 'n MollyBee.
dale-harriet said…
(KItty Mommy? pffhththt!) LOVELY chair, and you get 15 points extra for using "finorkin'" correctly. Carry on.
MadCityMike said…
Very comfy looking chair! Great that you have a "snuggler" that fits "just right".
Duchess is very cute....nothing like a puppy to bring on the snuggling, too. Scott and Michael are lucky guys to have her......... AND YOU!
I have plans to attend a flat bed knitting picnic to demo my sock machine in September. Susan Forbes from "The Fiber Art Cafe" will be demonstrating the dyeing of her sock blanks that day, too. I'll try to get some decent photos to share. ;)
Sus said…
Ooh, that sock blank is so cool! Can't wait to see the socks as they "unfold"!
Barb said…
I do believe I am lusting a bit after your new love!
Cindy G said…
Love the colors in that sock yarn.
YarnThrower said…
That sock blank looks so cool! And, congrats on Knute! May the two of you have many lovely memories and years together!
DPUTiger said…
EDITH ANNE! That's the sketch I couldn't remember! HA!

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