Random Miscellania

Lots of little bits and bobs to add with no discernible cohesivity so I'll just throw 'em out there. This is Grammie. You may remember her face from the picture I posted of her after she fell and bruised her face up. She looked like she'd gone 20 rounds with Mike Tyson. Even though she will be 99 in March, there's no doubt in my mind ol' Mike would have come out on the losin' end of that fight. She's a scrappy little bugger. Here she is making pickles on the morning that I left Maine.

This is now my favorite pic of me and Gram. It was a self portrait that I took of the two of us with my camera. Doesn't she look like she's up to something! Little twinkle in her eye!
I took this on the way home from her house on August 11th. The leaves were already starting to turn! Wicked early, Deah! When the leaf peepers start pulling in by the bus loads in mid-September there won't be a leaf on a tree at this rate!

On the home front, I found this guy on the sidewalk the other evening. It's a Hylaophor cecropia caterpillar. The largest in the US. He's about 6-7 inches long and as big around a my thumb or bigger. He'll turn into a magnificent moth with frilly antennas if he makes it. (Click on the picture to biggify. You won't be sorry!)

Here's an excellent website with better pictures and information on this beautiful silk spinner! http://www.wormspit.com/cecropia.htm . There, now don't say you didn't learn anything today!
Next time: Some details about Knute, the new love of my life and honest-to-goodness knitting content!
Have a wonderful night all!


Barb said…
Your grammie looks absolutely delightful!! You have the same sparkle in your eyes...what are YOU up to??
Lisa/knitnzu said…
So what kind of pickles did she make?
Cindy G said…
The cecropias are beautiful, but I confess that the thought of a six inch catapillar makes me shiver.
Michelle said…
We have slugs that size (and bigger!) here, but I didn't know caterpillars existed like that. I'm afraid I would have thought it was a tomato worm on steroids and squashed it!

Next month we are flying to Kansas to celebrate my grandma's 100th birthday. I don't know how long she'll last after that, but she's determined to make 100. Her husband lived to 103; I am blessed to have such good genes (you are, too).
dale-harriet said…
FYI: You do your Grammy proud. You do your mama proud. You done yer paw proud. You even do yer adopting (stalking?) pseudomaw proud. Have I mentioned being fond of you?

My word is "Splubat". I think they're on sale at Walmart; I'm going to get one.
I love Grammie. If I sing real nice, maybe I can win me a Grammie. Hope so. I miss my Gpa.