Maine Recap

Just returned from a two week visit home. Took so many pictures that the next several entries will be pretty much dedicated to that. But, have no fear, we'll return to our regularly scheduled programming next week.

We spent a pleasant afternoon at the Central Maine Botanical Gardens while I was in Maine. If you're in the Boothbay Harbor area, I highly recommend it. Be sure and carve out at least an afternoon, if not a whole day. It's huge and there are beautiful surprises everywhere!



Shady paths

Lilly ponds

Carved art

Beautiful flagstones


(This was the coolest maze. It had smooth stones going from biggest to smallest and we walked it in our bare feet. It was uncomfortable at first but soon the round stones, heated by the sun, worked their magic and when we finished it felt like we'd just had a foot massage. )

And everywhere you looked...
Next up-Boothbay Harbor, Birch Point Beach, Camden/Rockport/Lincolnville...


terri browne said…
Beautiful pictures! We hope to visit Maine someday.
Cindy G said…
How lovely!

(and welcome back)