Wisdom Wednesday

♥I had a serious case of the blues last week. I had a cold. Ben was miserable. Seemed like everything was going wrong. Life seemed bleak and I lost my positivity mojo big time. Finally by Saturday I'd had enough. I pulled myself up by the bootstraps, scheduled lunch with a friend who always makes me smile and made a conscious effort to just enjoy each moment as it came along and go with the flow. My 'luck' turned around immediately. Was is 'luck' at all? Lesson: Happiness is a conscious choice.

♥I happened upon a freakishly huge spider on the bathroom floor. One minute I noticed it and the next minute I found myself in the middle of the living room chanting 'OhGoOohGodOGod'. Once I pulled it together, I wondered who I initially thought was going to deal with the thing as I had run away like a big sissy. So I ammo-ed up with a wad of tissues and snuck back in the bathroom (thus gaining the element of surprise donchaknow) to eradicate it. Like I told friend-Jen, if it is in the barn talking to a pig a la Charlotte's Web it's O.K. If it's in MY house, it's history. I slammed the tissues down on it, felt a 'pop' and jumped back leaving it where it was. Ben who was enthused with all of the excitement, walked over and put his big goofy foot right on top of the tissue, stood his ground and just looked at me. My hero! Lesson #1: I have the ability to kill my own spiders thank you very much! Lesson #2: Failing lesson number one, give Ben a tissue and send him in first!

♥ I had my hair cut Saturday. The dream is to get it all one length for that sleek Sandra-Bullock-in-Speed look. The reality is that all of this humidity makes it look like Little Orphan Annie stuck her finger in a socket. Seriously, cans and cans of AquaNet were needed for this look back in high school! Lesson: There comes a time to stop trying to conform. Own it....rock it...and single-handedly bring back 80's big hair!

What did YOU learn this week!?


Michelle said…
My mom drilled your #1 into me for YEARS. I THINK it worked....

Your #3 could also be, "The grass is greener...." Think of all the women paying big buck to get PERMS. You got the curls, gurl!
Elizabeth said…
I confess to a spider-phobia, too, though I'm tons better than I used to be.

As for the hair, oh yeah. I became so much happier when I stopped fighting my hair.
DPUTiger said…
I learned that I really hate being sick. It's been a week and I'm still not back to normal. GAH.

And spiders don't bother me (sorry). I figure they eat things worse than they are. Go, Ben!
terri browne said…
Aaron is always amazed at how I survived 18 years on a farm because I totally freak out when I see a bug in the house!

I hope you are having a better week than last week! We love you and Ben!
Lisa/knitnzu said…
I have been channeling Sandra Bullock since yesterday, you know, in that movie where she's a cop and has to be a beauty queen??? "You think I'm gorgeous..." I love the way she says gorgeous w/ that bronx accent. So the weather lately (since about 7 pm last night) It's so gorgeous... and Alphy (the juliard ballet master) came to knit night at my house, his first this summer, and he thinks I'm gorgeous (I LOVE HIM), and some other gorgeous thing... Yogurt containers work good for spiders... then toss them out the door!
kmkat said…
What I learned this week: forget cancer, forget nuclear war. All it takes to turn life into a living hell is an itchy rash spreading all over one's body.
I learned (again) that if you want to keep your house clean, you have to keep cleaning it.

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