Ho Hum? Not So Much!

With the Benster still on the bench, I prepared myself for a ho-hum weekend at home. I don't like to leave him if I don't have to because he has to wear the cone of shame and he HATES that. Back in The Before Times, those collars used to be an opaque white color. The new fangled ones are see-through clear so he can't see it. It's like a force field around his head and he doesn't know where it ends, so when it's on, he stands perfectly still. I had to teach him to sit and lay down. He still won't put his head down to sleep. Poor guy.

When I take it off, he's so exhausted he goes and gets Percy Porkloin and they take an uber nap together to get over the trauma.

But what was supposed to be a low key weekend was not. I did escape for a little bit to lunch with friend Scott and get my hair cut. Then I went shopping for Mike's (of Mike and Hef fame) birthday gift. I was so pleased to find the perfect gift for a sci-fi geek over at Williams and Sonoma-Star Wars cookie cutters. I was torn between them and the waffle molds, but Mike makes lots of cookies...

Mike and Hef had a birthday bash upstairs last night to celebrate. They always have wicked inventive soirees. This one finale-ed with a bunch of drunken folks whacking a haphazardly strung pinata with a huge inflatable penis out in the dark on the front lawn about 10:30 PM. The moment that they discovered that they couldn't find the candy in the grass in the dark and that any candy accidentally discovered by feel could just as well be dog poo-PRICELESS!

I didn't have a hangover, but everyone else in the building did so I tried to stay quiet and not regale them with tales of their debauchery today. I have plenty of notes and photographic evidence for when everyone is properly sobered up. Instead, Ben and I spent the morning with the paper (my favorite Sunday morning activity) and this afternoon we've been knitting cheese and watching documentaries on parasites (which led to an impromtu, frantic,yet thankfully non-productive, search for bed bugs at one point). No ho hum for this girl!
(The photo above is a close up of my Swiss Cheese scarf-in progress. Once it's blocked, the holes will be round. The edges are raggedy like cheese too. The pattern is free on Rav-just search 'swiss cheese scarf' in patterns and the yarn is Kauni.)

How was YOUR weekend!?


Sara in WI said…
How was MY weekend? Well, evidently I was the one with the Ho-hum weekend. Fun just seems to follow you around.... <3
Cindy G said…
Could you put masking tape around the edge of Ben's force field so he could see where it ends?

Love the scarf, though it's the wrong color to make an ensemble with a cheese head. Just sayin. (On the other hand, it could be paired with nice red Crocs). No, seriously, I do love it
terri browne said…
Only in Wisconsin would somebody be knitting cheese! :) Our weekend was HOT, but fun. We got a new patio set, so you should drive on up and we'll have a BBQ!
MadCityMike said…
Needless to say (but I will), your weekend trumped ours.....but ours was fun, too! Just not as "interesting".....to say the least. YOU......certainly, are NOT a "dullness" magnet! :)
dale-harriet said…
I pretty much had a typical one: NOT getting done all I'd intended to. But we did hit the WORT block party, Daughter and I, and Mr Dearling walked up and met us there. Then home and a great deal of NOTHING on account of the heat. It IS Wisconsin - "if you don't like the weather....waitaminnit".
DPUTiger said…
I was sent home from work about four hours early on Saturday because I was too wiped out (and coughing too much) to be funcitonal. Took it easy on Sunday too. Fun times here at chez DPUTiger!

Glad Mr. Ben doesn't have to wear the Cone of Shame too much. That sounds exhausting!
Elizabeth said…
I was lying in bed whimpering most of Saturday. Sunday, though still under the weather, I did three loads of laundry to get them all a good start on the week.

Poor Ben with his Cone of Silence!
Lisa/knitnzu said…
Will they still bake you cookies after you show them the photos? Funny about the new cones! My weekend was no knitting! But I did spin a bit. Oh, and had some incredible strawberry rhubarb pie that a friend brought over. Num num!
My weekend . . . hmm. Can't remember. Couldn't have been too exciting. Altogether now: Awwww, poor Ben!

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