Reunion Tour

From the good folks who brought you the 'One Is The Loneliest Number Single Knitted Item Puppet Show Only In My Head' extravaganza a few entries ago, we now present, The Lonely Singles No More Reunion Tour. The lights go down and the crowd goes wild!!!

♫ Reunited 'cause it feels so good....♫

(My first pair of Selbuvotter Norwegian Mittens )

♫Reunited 'cuz we understood♫

(First pair of Toe Up Socks-'And they match! Sole Mates'...Get it?!?!? )

♫There's one perfect fit. ♫ And Sugar this one is it.♫

(Top Down Socks. Uh...not so much with the matching. Oy!)

♫We both are so excited 'cuz we're reunited, hey-hey!♫

OK. So these aren't a matched pair but I did finish TWO scarves so I'm counting it. On the right is the Noro Entrelac Scarf. On the left is an unblocked drop stitch scarf with woven drop stitches that's kinda cool.
And there you have it. There has been knitting. All of the lonely singles projects have been finished up, paired off and are taking it on the road! Coming to a town near you!


Michelle said…
The fans are screaming their excitement here!
Do you have these songs memorized or do you have to look up the lyrics? My feet are jealous of your feet.
Cindy G said…
I love those mittens so much!
MadCityMike said…
Beautiful work! I have had too much downtime (being plain lazy!) from knitting (even with my sock machine!). Glad to see that you are taking up the slack. Great Job!
susan said…
Really like the drop stitch scarf pattern! :)