Molly Bee's Excellent Adventure!

When I got up this morning , the temps were in the low 30°s. It was raining. The wind was blowing. So I thought 'What perfect weather to spend the day outside! " First I met friends Joe and Steve at the Farmer's Market where I encountered some of the local wildlife and purchased some lovely asparagus and spinach.

There was an antique car show all the way down State Street. It was really neat to see the evolution of what we drive today. Like this one for instance; I don't know how you could see to drive with that thing sticking up in the front. Thank goodness they've worked out the bugs since the old days....

I asked this guy to take me back to 1988 but the Flux Capacitor was out of commission...

This delightful production number is coming to the Orpheum Theah-tah. Ah, I love a lighthearted musical in the springtime!

After I left the guys, I went to Lakeside Fibers to look for some yarn I needed. They didn't have it. And it's good to know that the 'stellar' customer service hasn't changed since I was last there a year or so ago. By this time it was so cold that even the ducks had battened down the hatches!

But I, and a couple of other turkeys, thought it was a lovely day to take our first stroll ever....

through The Arboretum. Why have you people been keeping this a secret from me?! I've never been before! What a treasure!

Even though the flowering trees and shrubs were a couple of days past prime, it was a sight to behold. And the scent...I was dizzy from taking so many deep breaths!

White Lilacs

Purple Lilacs

And Magnolias. Oh my!
Then, since I was in the neighborhood and could no longer feel my face or my feet anyway, I stopped at the zoo. I hadn't been there for a while either. Some of the newer exhibits are nice, but I was surprised in a couple of places how shoddy and unkempt things looked. Maybe it's just early in the season. My camera batteries crapped out from the cold or there would be pictures of meerkats, red pandas, capeberras, tigers and giraffes here!
After the zoo, I took a stroll out on the pier and along Wingra beach. Had to stand still to look out over the lake. Walking took all of my concentration to avoid the goose poop landmines everywhere! I finally returned to the car when it started to hail.
So what should have been a cold-and-rainy-weather-tucked-in-snug Saturday turned into a wonderful 5 hour walkabout adventure. I hope we have a blizzard tomorrow, I've always wanted to visit Picnic Point!


Elizabeth said…
I missed the hail.

Only in Wisconsin would we make a musical about a murderer.
Cindy G said…
Hey, it worked for Sweeny Todd!

Miz B, you are a hardier woman than I to brave the chill. But the lilacs would have been worth it.
Shiver, shiver. I stayed in and am no better for it. You've got spirit. Speaking of murderous musicals, there is a musical within a non-musical movie (which actually has lately been remade into a musical) called Springtime for Hitler. The movie is The Producers by Mel Brooks. It's one of my favorites.
Lisa/knitnzu said…
Hubs to your cold furball (hugs, that is,hugs...) Can't smell anything right now, surprising I can breathe!