Wisdom Wednesday

♥There's an old lady that works at my grocery store. I avoid her line because she looks mean and scary. Seriously. Like that one that built that cookie house then tried to cook and eat those kids that time. Today I went to the store wicked early and she was the only one at the registers so I was forced go to her. Turns out, she is the sweetest old grandma type. We had a lovely chat and I will look for her line specifically from now on. Twofer! Lessons: Looks can be deceiving. Face your fears.

♥We had our departmental Wii Bowling Tournament Bowl Off yesterday. It was down to our team and one other. I was more than a little freaked out about bowling in front of everyone. AND the other team was ubergood. AND I didn't want to let my team down. AND you never know how I'm going to do. (It can go either way; 80 or 160. I average about 110-120.) Today I got 6 strikes in a row and bowled at 236! We won by 1/2 point. Lesson: Terror brings out an alternate personality who is apparently a pro bowler. (I wondered where all of those funky colored shoes in my closet came from!)

♥I witnessed three separate incidents on Monday where co-workers, sitting in their comfy chairs at their desks, lobbed the business ends of hissy fits over non-consequential, insignificant things (one was the absence of Styrofoam cups-even though there were inches away from where he was looking). Each left sputtering and mumbling that 'they didn't know why they even stayed at Company X'. All I could think of was the coal miners in West Virginia. Twofer! Lessons: Get your undies out of a bundle, take a step back and put things in perspective. Be grateful for what you have.

♥I had to have a hip x-ray this week. Instead of a gown, they gave me a one size fits all pair of blue shorts made out of the same material as the bags that they sell at the grocery store so you don't have to use plastic and paper. For REALZ! They were gigantic and I had to hold them up and hold my shirt down at the same time, lest they slip and puddle around my ankles. The doc made me walk from the exam room to the x-ray place in them. It was hard to hold them up and tote my purse, jeans and shoes but I made it. The x-ray tech was busy so they made me sit in the waiting room. Everyone else was wearing street clothes and they all stared at me. I just smiled and said, "It's a bold fashion statement but I think I pull it off! What do you think?" and twirled. I'm lucky I didn't lose my drawers and fall down, but I got several smiles and the lady that was in the seat next to the one I sat down in even got up and moved to the other side of the hallway. More room for me! Two fer Lessons: If life puts you in uncomfortable circumstances, find the humor, own it and work it ! The crazy lady in the goofy shorts gets more room on the sofa!

It's all good, People! What did YOU learn this week?


Sara in WI said…
I bow to your wisdom, Miss Molly Bee! (How's the hip now...any better?)
Sara McGregor
Cindy G said…
Wii bowling at work? What a kick!

This week I learned that painful as it is,ripping back can lead to an easier mind. Some lessons I have to repeat, repeatedly.
DPUTiger said…
Coal miners were in West Virginia.

Don't know that i learned much this week. More of the same lesson where I need to attack the white "page" in Microsoft Word that I get paid to fill 3x/week and that I need to get down into my basement and sew. One of these days, I will act on these trueisms!
Lisa/knitnzu said…
Here's two of the things I learned... 1)mom is a nut. but I guess I knew that already. She was regaling us with her car dent stories, where she made it out of her drive to bang into the car parked on the road. So she introduced herself to the owner who said "oh yes, pleased to meet you" (as in the new neighbor). Mom says hope it's still pleased to meet you since I just hit your car. And 2) kiddo and I saw a guy at the Philadelphia airport in a wheelchair, no legs, one prosthetic arm... puts things in perspective.
Anonymous said…
I think I have said this before, but I am LOVING! your lessons learned.

Why did that doctor not offer to help you carry all that stuff? The ob/gyn I used to see in Minneapolis when we lived there would always offer his hand to help me sit back up after a pelvic exam. Consideration is rare among the medicals, apparently.