Monday, April 26, 2010

Alpaca Fest 2010-Fun Facts

I went to Alpaca Fest on Saturday. Every year I learn more and more amazing facts about these incredible animals.

They are 'nesters'. Here a mama alpaca prepares a nest in which to lay her large cache of eggs.

Sometimes they have to be re-inflated. Here's a couple that have really lost their oomph....

Each pen has huge fans attached to the side. You just position the saggy alpaca just so in front of it and presto! Here are some that are about halfway through the re-inflation process. It doesn't take long.
Here is one of the oomphless alpaca in the first photo, re-inflated and back to his perky self. Magic!

Some alpacas earn their keep testing mascara for Maybelline. We're hoping to score this one a contract with Crest White Strips too.

Even the smartest of alpacas will fall for the 'dare you stick your tongue on the frozen fence' gag every time. ('Cause, quite frankly, much as I love 'em, even the smartest alpaca isn't all that smart. I think that's why I relate to them so well.)


They also suck at Hide 'N Seek....

Seriously, this group was given a 5 minute head start and were still found in less than 30 seconds.
All in all it was a wonderful educational day! Hope you all found something interesting to do with your weekend too!


Anonymous said...

Fun facts to know and tell about alpacas -- thanks!

Sara in WI said...

I love that show. Your pictures turned out better than mine. Thanks for sharing wit along with the pics!

MadCityMike said...

Glad that you attended and had a good time. I went to the monthly sock machine crank in on Saturday and Sunday, we celebrated Don's b-day, doing things he wanted to do....ya day focused on him (as if it isn't already!). ;) We had a nice time though, too, ending with dinner at Hilldale Pasqual's and delicious margaritas! :)
It probably was a good thing to miss the Alpaca show since i have toooooo much fiber stash as it is....and who could resist their fiber after seeing all those faces, eh?

Cindy G said...

Almost as cute as hedgehogs!

DPUTiger said...

Your sense of humor just kills me. Thanks for the trip through AlpacaFest!

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