Anatomy of a Giraffe

♥Sticks and strings make tangled mess♥
♥Lay it out. Better I guess.♥
♥Stuff each part with love and care.♥
♥Sew the ears on; 'right 'bout there.♥
♥Add some spots, mane, tail and horns.♥♥ And TA DA, Jorge is born! ♥
♥A knitted friend for a wee, sweet boy.♥
♥ Auntie Min's pride and joy!♥


Kitty Mommy said…
dale-harriet said…
the sweetest thing I ever saw -- that is one powerful lucky wee lad, to have a MollyBee (and I'm sure that's not lost on him OR his parents!)
Cindy G said…
Oooh, he's grown! Wish I could have been there when you made the presentation.
Michelle said…
I think we ALL need a MollyBee in our life, and not just in our blogosphere! You're funny AND sweet!
Susan said…
Oh my goodness! That is awesome and I love the eyelashes.

Thanks for sharing with me:)

terri browne said…
We love Jorge! Thank you so much Melinda! It was great to see you!
MadCityMike said…
VERY cool Ms. Molly Bee......I'm"thinkin" I may have to see about some of those cute animals for my granddaughter......Where may I find the patterns?
DPUTiger said…
My "Hippopotamus for Christmas" came from that very same book. Love her patterns, and your giraffe is adorable!
aaron browne said…
and to think that Will likes it almost as much as Mom!!! :P

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