Knitting Safari

It is I, Molly Bee, returned from the Wilde Prairies of the Mighty Midwest where I participated in the Madison Area Knitter's Guild sponsored 'Knitting Safari'. My fellow hunters were delightful, the prey was plentiful and I showed remarkable skill in falling my victims. I'd size them up from across the room, craftily corral them into the kill zone, whip out my razor sharp edged credit card and ZOT! Tag 'em and Bag 'em!

We arrived at Base Camp (Dutch Mill Park and Ride) and boarded our safari vehicle (a cushy Badger bus) at 8AM sharp. We arrived at Knitch in Delafield first where I quickly took down this furry beast: hand painted BFL roving from Happy Fuzzy Yarn Co. (It's posing here with his new friend a hand carved shawl pin from Argentina (Ithink).)

and this sock yarn from Ewetopia Fiber Company. Yummy!

Then it was off to the mean streets of Hartford where we went to The Main Street Knitting Shop. I stalked some patterns and finally trapped some in a plastic shopping bag, including the Galileo Mitten Pattern I've been drooling over on line for quite some time.
Then it was time to break for lunch after a hard morning's hunt. First we took a group shot as mighty hunters on safari are wont to do. (Actually this safari picture was indeed dangerous; but for the shop owner/photographer as she kept walking backward into traffic to get us all in it!)

Then we went for a fabulous feast at The Mine Shaft. After we had been nourished and rested, we began the prowl anew. Off to The Knitting Knook in Milwaukee. This was an uber-small shop in an actual house (which also housed an engraver and a day spa) but it was packed with product and personality. I quickly trapped this sterling silver tinged, purple, lace weight beauty and a weird woven shawl pattern.
Then at last we were off to Whitefish Bay to Ruhumas. This was the largest preserve on our trip and I had been here only once before. It was many moons ago but I still dream about it often. (I may or may not have actually asked them if I could be buried under the tree outside their front door the first time around. Pllllleeeeaasssseeee!) I'd been waiting for this all day.

I found these two wily skeins hiding behind a sample of a drop stitch, cable scarf pattern that came with them for free. Mine!
And I got this Kauni yarn (with ridiculously long repeats) and a scarf pattern that looks like Swiss cheese to make it into. This critter put up the most fight of any I encountered all day. It was very popular and was stalked by many game hunters at once.

Oh sure, the insects were a little annoying...
(Wee glass ladybug beads that I will weave into a pine needle basket.)
but all in all it was a successful, lucrative day for us all. Off to make my spoils into sumthin' purty! Hope you all had a wonderful day too!


MadCityMike said…
I don't know how you do it! You ALWAYS find such neat things to do on your "off" time. Was this adventure sponsored by a group, shop, or what????
Sara in WI said…
Oh, Man! I miss going on the Safari. Next year it is going on my calendar First! You did Very Well. I think that I'll have to do some smaller expeditions in training for the Big Hunt next Spring!
Kitty Mommy said…
I hang my head, sore ashamed to have thought you a wuss for skipping out on the awesome blues. Clearly, early to bed was needed and resulted in a splendid kill.
Cindy G said…
Sounds like a terrific day.
Cimorine said…
wow, nice yarn! :)