Thursday, January 07, 2010

Wintery Weather Knitting

Snowy day in Wisconsin. 6" or so on the ground and another 3"-4" on the way. My work load today was all computer stuff, so I decided not to join the fracas on the roads and to work from my home office today. It kinda cramps Ben's style because he can't follow his normal nap regime. He's afraid he'll miss something. He was sorely disappointed today! The task was the archiving, renewing, cutting and pasting extravaganza that is my monthly reports session. Every month I send out revenue reports to thirteen of our Branches around the globe. It doesn't take a lot of brain power, just a dexterous mousing hand, the patience of a saint and a talent for remaining conscious!

Ben solves the consciousness problem by morphing into his alter ego 'Mad Dingo'. One minute he'll be sitting there swaying, eyes half-mast, head drooping and the next minute he's getting his blood pumping by doing hot laps around the living room like his tail is on fire. He's an 80# wrecking ball and the racing space is roughly 10 feet square so you do the math...and then come over and help me set the furniture back upright!

The evenings this week had been pretty quiet. Lack of social obligations and the cold weather made for a few nights of tea sipping (new favorite: Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla Chamomile) knitting, TV watching, and Ben cuddling, when he slows down long enough. I finished one of my new socks. I'm a sucker for anything with purple in it. Sometimes that is not a positive in this case.


And I knit another couple thousand feet on my Ninja Death Scarf. A friend told me to wash it with lost of Downy when I'm done and it will soften up. I'm holding her to that! If not, she may see the business end of its wrath! ZOT! It won't be pretty!

And since my friend Steve thinks all I do is knit meat and vegetables, (i.e. the Turkey hat and the Snowman hat-carrot nose don'cha know!) here is this week's 'meat knitting'; a mouse for Punkin, my Mum's cat! (Thanks to Knitzu for the pattern. You should go to her site. She has photos of her mice's exploits!) I thought it would be a turn-about-is-fair-play kinda thing to make the mouse/prey hunter orange! Try and give him a fighting chance against the mouse destroying machine that is Punkin.

All in all a cold and snowy week to slow down and catch up before the festivities of this weekend and next week. Hope you all are snuggled in and warm too!!


Michelle said...

Blech? What is WRONG with you? I LOVE that sock!!! So much so that now I need to know the yarn, so I can add some to my stash (pretty please).

Lisa/knitnzu said...

Yeah, that sock is just fine. I think you could set up an IV of caffeine to help keep you awake. Or put little travel stamps or postcard images all over your reports. Or imagine the great souvenirs you could get if you went those places.

I made on of those mice in leftover hunter orange bartlett with a strand of something sparkly once. It was for a cat, but the shepherd of the house mostly loves it (all chewed up and nasty but still around).

YarnThrower said...

Ahhh, yes! This is KNITTER'S WEATHER, and I can justify sitting on my butt knitting by the amount of snow I've shoveled (and also because I have no homework right now :-) I'll have to try the tea you mentioned. I've been trying to drink more water and tea instead of soda...

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

All snuggly uggly wuggly over here, neighbor! I love purple too, but for me the sock would be a disappointment, not because it's bad or ugly, but because it's just ok. I would be sorry that I hadn't kntted something lovely.

Cindy G said...

I, too, love that sock. Don't diss the sock. (But then, there are very few socks I can't take to my heart.)

"Mad Dingo" had me snorting. I think Ben should come visit the cats. They have their "Tasmanian Devil" phases.

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