Moving At The Speed Of Light

It's been a busy week or so at Chez Bee. Nothing earth shattering; just seem to be in constant motion, putzing and stuff. My big thing last week was purchasing a beautiful new set of bedding (flannel sheets, comforter, shams, pillows, and dust ruffle) on Monday with some money Mum gave me for Christmas. Every night is like sleeping in a fancy inn! You can't tell by this pic but it's plum and gold.
Friday night I went to dinner with friend D. We ambled on over to Frugal Muse afterward to kill some time before going to see Sherlock Holmes at Point. I have a serious addiction to books. Looking at the shelves with D. I couldn't believe how many of the titles I've read...and were I still a book purchaser, I would have left the store with more tomes than a dozen men could carry and a much lighter pocketbook. Thanks Goodness for the Dane County Library system. Harriet may try to kill me on occasion, but it sure is cheaper to borrow than to buy when you cruise through books like I do!

For those of you who haven't seen it, Sherlock Holmes was AMAZING, due almost entirely to Robert Downey Jr.. He is just SO talented. I'm so glad he seems to have gotten his 'stuff' together after living life on the edge for most of the 80's and 90's. He's at the top of his game now.

Saturday I ran errands, baked dumplings, read (Last Night In Twisted River-John Irving=Two Thumbs WAY UP!), knit, and hosted supper and game night at my place. My friends brought their 5 year old over for pizza, Jenga, and UNO. That kid is 5 going on 40! I just love him and the life lessons he never fails to provide. I was a nervous wreck playing Jenga; afraid that I would be the one to topple the tower of wooden blocks. The wee lad would confidently pluck pieces out like a pro and then when the tower fell...he'd CHEER like he won the big prize. Even failure was fun. There's something to be said for that!

Finish It February In January continues. I finally finished the second side of my lace scarf this weekend. It's from the Blackberry Ridge 'A Week In The Life Of A Cat' scarf patterns. If I counted all of the repeats I knit and then tore out because they weren't perfect, I bet I actually knit the entire thing at least 6 times. Last night I set to the final step of grafting the ends together and the Kitchener line broke. I put it down in disgust and went to bed. Finally finished it early this morning after some spitting and splicing. Here is is unblocked:

And here is a closer look at the detail:
I used Blackberry Ridge lace weight. I got the whole kit and caboodle at one of their open houses a few years back. I just love their yarns. They are such a pleasure to knit with. Their lace weight is delicate yet sturdy at the same time....just don't yank it when you're grafting...but I guess that goes without saying for all lace weights.

Next up at bat is the foot of a beaded sock that I designed many moons ago. I'll have to pattern it after the finished one, because the directions I'd written out disappeared in the move last year. Sigh. Don't know if it's worth the bother of writing them up again in hopes of publication or not. I'll let you guys decide once I post the picture.
Off to watch House and knit. Hope you're all having a good evening too!


Anonymous said…
Aren't libraries great? Even after overdue fines, they have saved me thousands of $$ in book purchases. I too am reading Night in Twisted River but am finding it slow going. It was due today and I am not even halfway through. It may suit me better as an audio book.
Lisa/knitnzu said…
I watched House and knit last night too! My boyo has always been an old man, but he hasn't liked to play quite so much as this guy.

Sumptuous sleeping set up there!

I'm a BIG fan of libraries too. But clearly we don't have a maniacal murderous librarian like Harriet...
Sus said…
My husband is a librarian, so we are uberfans down here! Love the new bedding -- isn't something like getting all new bedding or all new towels just such an incredibly luxurious feeling? Love it!!

Good luck with the sock, can't wait to see what you've designed! And yeah, we'll all probably say you should rewrite the pattern. Fair warning. ;)
Cindy G said…
Ah, Harriet the library voice, we know her well.

Lovely scarf, and I bet it feels wonderful around your neck. (No, Ben, you cannot model this one.)