Finish It Feb...anuary

I had decided over Christmas that I was going to take the month of February and 'Finish It February' and complete all of the half done projects I have laying around. I had the flu last week and a LOT of down time so once I felt like I could get myself in a sitting position, I grabbed the purple socks...and finished them:

By then I was feeling better enough to spin a little so I set to plying the natural brown wool singles that have been sitting on my wheel for far too long:

And finished that...It's SOFT, chocolate brown, lace weight with a sprinkling of white. It's hard to tell from the photo.
Then I set my sights on the Ninja Death Scarf and finished THAT! Despite the possible danger associated with the actually wearing of this scarf, I managed to bend it, and then I made Ben model it. At first he looked all around... case any of his buddies might be lurking. Didn't want to take a chance on them laughing, name calling, and barring him from playing in any doggie games.

Nary a soul in site so he sucked it up and worked it for the camera!
You go Ben! Today the living room, tomorrow the cover of the J. Crew catalog!!
At any rate, now I've set my sites on a lace scarf that has been sitting in my work basket since knitting was invented. It's now 3/4 done. It would go faster if I didn't insist that all of the three petaled flowers actually have three leaves and keep frogging great chunks of it! After that it's 1/2 a sock and my shadow piano scarf and I'm DONE! I'm wicked psyched lemme tell ya, but this early start sure messed up the catchy name I'd intended for the task. Finish It February. I guess in reality it's Just Do It January?

Later....This just in! Lookee here! Turns out I'm not the only one participating in Finish it Febanuary!! Mum finally finished the socks she started when she came to visit in 2007! Here is the pic she sent me today! Zexy fets der Chick!


Terri Browne said…
Nice work Melinda! Ben looks very dashing in the ninja death scarf.
Cindy G said…
You go girl!
MadCityMike said…
First off, congratulations on finishing so many projects!
Now, please tell us how "soft" the Red Heart Scarf is? Did it soften up after washing?
Mum said…
If I'd known I'd be PUBLISHED, I would have tried for a better pose!
Lisa/knitnzu said…
Go Mum Go! Spinning and plying laceweight?!?!?! Go Ms Molly Go!
Nice work. I like it. :)
Anonymous said…

I would love for you to make me a scarf out of the "soft" brown yarn. Let's talk @ work about length and width. I have a black leather coat but I think a "soft" brown scarf would look splendid.

Thanks Mel.