Note To Self

RE: The Drive Home From Work Today

Dear Molly Bee,

In your head, when you are seat dancing and singing to the top of your lungs with the car radio, you are the coolest, most talented, uber guest guitarist/soloist to ever grace the stage at a GoGo's concert. However, outside of your head, you appear to other motorists to have some kind of a seizure disorder, which is disconcerting to them. They are not your 'fans', 'screaming for more'. They are screaming into their cell phones to the 911 operator about a potential multi-car pile-up.

Furthermore, that guy in the van is not your 'fan club president'. He was smiling because he was partaking in an odd looking cigarette and besides, smiling while shaking ones head sadly is not a sign of approval...even if he was waving his lighter back and forth at you and mouthing the words 'Free Bird'. Just sayin'....
Safety Consciously Yours,
Molly Bee


dale-harriet said…

I am laughing! you're fine, you're no hazard. It's the @#)$@#) who is talking on the phone, lighting a cigarette, painting his nails, eating a burger and........I don't want to know. HE is the hazard. SING ON, MollyBee!
Sus said…
LOL!! Are you sure that wasn't a message for me? 'Cause I am SOOOO guilty. :)
Elizabeth said…

Excellent. Where did I put that damn lighter.

Urnify? Come on, now.
Linda L. said…
I have a dream that one day I'll roll up to a stoplight and all of the cars around me will be listening to the same station on the radio, and we'll all break into song, and the light turns green right at the end of the song and we all drive off laughing, having shared a joyous moment. But I think that only happens in musicals.
YarnThrower said…
I missed my exit off of the beltline on Wednesday night because I was singing along with a Billy Joel song on my iPod. At least I have the sense to do this in the *dark of night*...just sayin' :-)

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