Mitten Knittin', Country Girls and What's In The Cards For My Future

First of all, lest y'all be thinking that with all the goings on with the manatees and wallabies and tigers(Oh My!), the basketry, the sunburns and all of the other shenanigans lately, that there hasn't been knitting going on. No Sirree! Don't you fret one bit...there's been knittin'. I took my mini mitten kit bag with me to FL so there was lots of mitten knittin' on the flights and in airports. True to form, here is an ill-lit photo to prove it. I have 15 pairs total so far-right on schedule.

If you haven't stopped over to Kate's Chronicles of a Country Girl site you should go over and check it out. Right now. I'll wait. Dumdedumdedum. What didja think? Not only is it a wonderful site, but she's having a mug giveaway. Apparently mentioning it here is called 'pimping a giveaway'. Doncha love that?! So I'm pimping away! But don't win it OK 'cause I'd really like it for me!

Friend D. and I went to lunch on Saturday and she treated me to a special surprise. She took me to Mimosa on State Street to have my tarot cards read. I am a just a weensy smidge new agey though I hide it well...uh...until I just outted myself there...oh I was curious to see what it was all about. I was prepared to be told general things such as "You will talk to someone today" and "There's a 50 % chance of rain in your future". I was pleasantly surprised. First the lady wasn't hokey at all, other than the little-table-behind-the-curtain-spooky-bit in the beginning, and the things she told me were pretty specific to me. It was really fun. And she didn't have those freaky tarot cards that you see in horror movies, dripping blood and all that. Hers had flowers and herbs on them. Pretty non-threatening. I was disappointed when all of my cards came up upside down apparently signifying that I would need to 'participate' and 'work to make things happen' in each area. I was so hoping to be at a place in my life where the goods are all given to me on a silver platter. 'Cause that the style to which I've become accustomed doncha know!

I sat with D while she had hers read and most of the things that she was told were pretty spot on for her as well. Kind of a cool and unique experience. I'm really racking them up in my 'Year of Saying Yes To Opportunities', no?


Cindy G said…
I've always sort of wanted to have my cards read. Cool on you for doing it.
dale-harriet said…
I wouldn't call it so much "New Age-y" as "fresh-minded", and I'm not surprised. You have some very sparkly eyes! And that pine-needle basket? well, it's breathtaking, and I 1) am not making that up; and 2) have some authority on baskets in general and pine-needle ones in particular. For SURE looking forward to seeing you at Late Night! (Did I ever tell you that one of my first jobs in Madison was reading tarot at a shop on State Street?) :-)
PS: my "word" is MORIS...VERY appropriate for a MORRIS dancer such as meself.
Sus said…
The mini-mittens are darling!!!
Lisa/knitnzu said…
well, see what I get for not being up on blog reading... totally missed out on that mug opp! Did you win it??

Cool about the tarot cards.

The universe is bigger than we'll ever know, so all sorts of things are possible.
MadCityMike said…
I'd definitely say you are living up to your resolution to "not saying no to a new opportunity"! You put the "Old Fogey" label on some of us who live vicariously through your experiences. ;)
YarnThrower said…
Those mittens are amazing. I don't know how you are able to see those tiny stitches, and make all of those thumbs! I think the thumbs alone would put me in the loony bin...
Last time I had my tarot read, I kept coming out as someone sho is asleep. I have a certain reluctance to participate. I enjoy your blog because you don't! How big are those teeny tiny mittens? They look like they are about 1 inch long. LOL at my verif. word: spine. I need to get some.
sho nuff did mean who,
And I didn't mean you don't participate. I meant that you do.