Thursday, March 12, 2009

Florida-Days 2 & 3

Forgot to show you this shot yesterday. I took it in Homosassas State Park. A blue heron, manatee and turtle in the same shot!

There was a small woods near where we stayed and I had a great time grubbing around in it; picking up pine needles to make baskets and searching for wild tortoises. My searching finally paid off. The first day I only found active nest sites:

But the next day, this guy strolled right out to have his picture taken!

Friday we went to Pine Island Beach. Since Tampa is on the nature coast, there aren't a lot of beaches. They are mostly south, but Pine Island has a wonderful small beach with an unobstructed view of The Gulf. We missed the sunset, just got the melting cloud colors, but went back again on Monday and I got some great shots. I'll show you those later.

Here is post sunset at the beach!

Saturday found us at Swamp Fest. It was a craft festival with music and all sorts of exhibits. I got to hold a six week old otter pup but I don't have an e-pic of it, just a hard copy. If I think of it, I'll scan it in. Swamp Fest offered Florida 'color', like this guy and his 'gator hat.

And this guy selling Hillbilly Banjos; a one string guitar made out of a stick and a soda can. Don't laugh. He and I had a jam session and picked a mean 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' to the delight of onlookers! We got a standing ovation. Sure there were no seating available at his booth, but I'm still counting it!
From the 'while in Rome' department, I ordered the alligator tail for lunch and it was very good. You see, I graduated from the Gail Jackin's School of Tourism. Wherever you go, you experience the local flavor and try the things that make that region unique. I'd say picking banjos with a hillbilly and eating alligator fills that bill nicely.

Friday night we also got to see a rocket launch. They put up a rocket to find other earth-like planets in the farthest reaches of the universe and we could see it from where we were staying. Pretty amazing. We were disappointed to learn that the Shuttle was going up on Wednesday night after we had left, but I heard today that it's been delayed again so I don't feel so bad.

Next time: The Little Everglades Steeple Chase and my encounter with a ferocious tiger!


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

A guy in our Christian trailriders' organization makes and plays those instruments; he calls them "Canjos." Pretty amazing what music CAN come out of them!

Cindy G said...

Shoot, I wonder if that guy would have traded his allegator for a cheesehead?

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Florida got all dressed up for you.

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