The Tale of The Boy And The Dog

The match was doomed from the start. The boy was 4 years old and weighed 40 pounds. The dog was nearly three and weighed 80. The rope was a foot and a half long and was very sturdy. The boy, undaunted, offered the dog the rope. The dog considered the boy, then the rope, then the boy. Then he gently took the rope and tugged tentatively. The boy, though small, was tenacious; pulled back...refused to let go, so the dog proceeded to drag the boy's giggling body all around the house until those present were certain that his tiny shirt would burst into flames from static electricity and rug burn. The dog and the boy finally wore each other out (more so the dog than the boy) so they curled up on the sofa (with the dog graciously sharing his woobie with the boy) and watched a movie together. The End.

Too Cute For Words...
For those of you keeping score at home. This is the third completed pair of socks! In the process of finishing them, I found yet one more unfinished pair so will work on them before starting my sweater. It may take a little longer because the socks are....drum roll please....wait for own design! That's right! I'm taking a stab at it. Will let you all know how it goes soon!

Socketta Yarn/Fraternal Twins


dale-harriet said…
Wow, you GO, Sock Lady! and that may be the cutest picture EVAR of Big-Dog and Little-Boy. Socks are On My List - but in the meantime...anyone need a Calorimetry?? :o)
Elizabeth said…
That's one thing Big Dogs are really good for: wearing out boys.
peaknits said…
Bentley deserves a Scooby snacl for sharing his woobie - that is huge!
The end. Sometimes when I see that I giggle because I used to have a student who wrote it on everything she ever wrote. Only she always spelled it
The Ned.

Greeting card: Happy School Lunch Day. You are a good cooker. I like your food. Your food is good. The Ned

Congrats on the nice sockies. You are a good socker.
The Ned
Cindy G said…
Great sock colors!
And Awwww, Ben sharing his woobie is just too sweet.
The Ned
(because that just made me giggle)
Lisa said…
What good boys! And nice socks!!