Pencil Roving and Potato Soup

Oh. My. God. I've been threatening to spin up some angora goat pencil roving that a coworker sent me from her hobby farm in California. I finally did yesterday. I didn't prep it at all. I didn't pull it. I just fed it into Mabel as it came and Oh. My. God. I never want to spin anything but pencil roving every again! Where it takes me a couple of weeks of pretty concentrated effort to prep, spin and ply sock weight yarn, I was able to spin all of the pencil roving I had in about 90 minutes. It was so soothing, and rhythmic, just feeding it in and feeding it in and feeding it in. Bliss. Zen. Sigh.
I planned to KoolAid dye it today. I've never dyed before. I have three bobbins full of singles. I'm not going to ply it; just dye it and knit it into mittens. I think they'll be really soft and warm. But instead of staying home to do it, I had a case of the blues. so I went to The Ear for the afternoon to visit and knit mini mittens. I got this week's pair done early! And the crew down there always chases the blues away. I'll have time to dye the angora some night this week.

Or maybe I'll work on my new Noro scarf. Yes, 'Miss Must-Finish-All-UFOs-And-Use-Up-Stash-Yarn' bought two skeins of Noro Silk Garden today to make a smaller version Brooklyn Tweed's scarf. Heavy sigh. I have no self control.

When I came home, Ben and I went outside and played Frisbee for a while. He needs more exercise. Didn't take too long to wear him out and we both came in almost frozen so I made a potato soup. It was extra yummy. I'll post the recipe over on Molly Bee's Kitchen. It hit the spot on such a cold night and I will have leftovers for later this week when the temperature is supposed to go down to eh -15° to -25° range. Brrrr! I'd better get going and get my new scarf and mittens done before the mercury bottoms out! Have a good week!


Cindy G said…
Dayum that sounds like good soup!

Have fun with the dyeing. It's one of those magic things. Are you going to try for special effects?
Elizabeth said…
You did a seriously good job, no, make that a WICKED good job spinning that yarn! I'm impressed. I can't wait to see what it looks like dyed.
dale-harriet said…
Wow, yeah, what they said! It's beautiful, to be sure! And regarding your recipes? We made the apples & pork with stuffing for a potluck at the Museum (I cut the meat into bite-sized pieces for potluck ease) and it was a HIT! I've made it a few times, always to rave reviews (and always credited to mah frien'). (I'm LOVING these verification words, may have to get some for my blogs) -- this one is "noningly". "She didn't NONINGLY eat the whole plate of cream puffs; she was knitting and watching "The Mentalist". {veg}
Lisa said…
Wicked beautiful! (I heard it was wicked cold out there... it has started here, but isn't quite as bad as there, unless you're up in Presque Isle...)
I'm actually home from work due to cold. Believe it or not, I'm disappointed. I would love the yarn you spun undyed also. I like soft, white knitted things.