Oh What A Wonderful World!

Every once in a while, Mother Earth gets a bug up her butt and decides to give us a taste of what will happen if we don’t cease and desist our evil ways and stop abusing her. She takes a deep breath, exhales mightily, and creates weather conditions that are downright inhospitable to human life…

Often, my body gets a bug up its butt (literally) and also created conditions not conducive to a worthwhile existence for a few days…

And sometimes…when the stars align just so…these events happen simultaneously, creating a couple of days that are so far off the Suck Scale that they blow the Suckometer to smithereens; needles and gauges, glass shards and molten metal, small particulates and great gelatinous globules of flaming Suck everywhere!!!!

I had two fun-filled days when all I could do was curl up in the fetal position and whimper. Now I’m on the mend, and in that state where you’re so deliriously thankful to NOT be so miserable that you enter the realm of ‘Opposite Land’. This, for me, is a place where I’m giddily happy and obnoxious to those around me who are making a concerted effort to be grumpy at all costs, thank you very much. Usually ends up being some poor unsuspecting stranger in line at the grocery or post office with whom I insist on talking to and befriending against his or her will. The grumpier they are the harder I try to make them see that things could be oh so much worse. Doncha see, Mister ?!?!? It could be -48° outside and 48 hours of the potty dance inside! I KNOW! I’ve been there. RECENTLY! For the love of God, Man. I’ve just returned from the depths of heck! We’re going to LIVE!! At least SMILE! Usually they eventually do in hopes that I’ll just go away.

Today I’ve been so twittery that I was concerned that I might be bipolar but the voices in my head assured me that I wasn’t so I’m just gonna go with that!

But Molly Bee, you say. Where is the knitterly-like content? I’ve got me some! Don’t you worry your pretty little head! First I wound up the three bobbins of angora goat [which a lady at Knit Night informed me was ‘Cashmere’ if it’s from a goat and ‘Angora’ if it’s from a bunny, but the coworker that gave it to me said Angora Goat so that’s what it shall be!] that I spun last week. The friend that got the other half of the pencil roving read my blog and interpreted it as a shameless plea for HER allotment of the same pencil roving and FELL FOR IT! That’s right! Lynn gave me two more luscious spools of the stuff to spin up! All I can say is Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 6 skeins to dye up! YAY!!!
Here is the penguin dishcloth that we made at the last Dishcloth Night at The Sow’s Ear..
And here is my Jared Flood/Erica Noro Scarf. Erica at The Ear redesigned it to take only two skeins. One side came out pretty good, but I must have picked the wrong colors because the other side came out muddy. I still like it though.
Last night I finished three mitten ornaments at Knit Night too but no photos. They all look the same, just different colors.
Have guest coming in a few minutes so gotta go, but for the love of God people, SMILE!


Elizabeth said…
So glad you're on the mend. The last intestinal thing I had was short but O so miserable. I know well that feeling of being so happy it's done that you just want to tell the world, "I ATE SOLID FOOD TODAY!"

I can't wait to see the yarn all dyed. I do think that there angora goats and they are not the same as cashmere goats. But I'm no expert. There are also pygora goats, which a very little, but good for fiber. Maybe that's short for Pygmy Angora?
Well, the lady at Knit Night was PARTLY right. "Angora" fiber comes from rabbits; "Mohair" comes from angora goats. Cashmere is not a breed but the downy inner fiber that almost all goats EXCEPT angora goats produce in greater or lesser amounts. Pygora goat (a breed developed from crossing pygmy goats with angora goats) fiber is usually marketed as just that - "pygora."
dale-harriet said…
You do realize, do you not, that reading about your being in a fetal position whimpering fires up ALL my jewishmotherness, and you're lucky I'm sensible enough to realize that if I DID whomp you up a batch of homemade chickensoup and bring it to you NOW you wouldn't even answer the door on account of, it's 3:15 AM? (But I *am* smiling!)
Lisa said…
Oooh, yeah, I had that a couple of weeks back... I'm with you about people's bad attitudes.

And Michelle has it right... there are angora goats (do a google search), and they make the most lovely mohair. Check out friendsfollyfarm dot com... LOVE their fiber! And their yarn! And the onwers!
I am not going to smile and you can't make me!! OK, you can, but I'm not happy about it. I might have fun, but I'm not going to enjoy it. I am glad that you're not sick now. Who did Ben take for walkies?
Kitty Mommy said…
Oh man...I hope it wasn't Bug's bug that struck you down. If so, I am vewy, vewy, vewy sorry!

Once you dye the yarn, you can tell everyone about the multicolored Mo's that you had to shave to make the yarn. ;o)
DPUTiger said…
Modified pattern? 2 skeins? YOU MUST SHARE!

So glad you are feeling better! :-)
Lynn said…
Molly Bee fails to mention that our coworker with the goats gave me two big bags of raw fleece. These washed up into beautiful, if somewhat matted fiber. One bag went from solid tan to shiny white with 8 inch long locks. The second is grey, and very soft. The goats were only shorn once last year. This is going to keep me plenty busy. I'm happy the pencil roving has a good home.