Wii Wii Wii All The Way Home

Last night my plan was to finish spinning the singles of my wine-colored roving and start plying. I have been loving, loving, loving spinning this stuff. It's finer than the tresses of wee forest fairies....um...if wee forest fairies had slightly lumpy tresses that is. But none-the-less, I sped through my work day yesterday, counting down the hours until I could get home and spin again. And yet, I spun not. The best laid plans and all that. You see I had a Wii problem.

I gave Mr. Bee a Wii for his birthday. The big day isn't until next month, but since Wii's are only slightly scarcer than hen's teeth around here, I had to strike while the iron was hot. I was able to get one last weekend at Target and since that's a pretty big purchase to try and hide for a month...let's just say the bag is catless. At first Mr. Bee was fine with waiting until April 19th to play with the thing. When I say 'at first' I mean in the initial 15 minutes where he was so grateful he didn't argue and so stunned that his devious little mind hadn't started formulating reasons why he SHOULD and NEEDED TO play with it right away. Soon, it was clear (read: 'he wore me down and it was easier to just give in than listen to any more', here) that he needed to do some quality assurance testing to make sure the thing was up to snuff since it had been purchased more than 30 days before his birthday and everyone knows the return policy on such things is dicey at best after 30 days. He didn't WANT TO you understand. It was absolutely necessary. Vital if you will. I still managed to hold him off from Sunday until Tuesday night. You people have no idea what a huge accomplishment that was!

So last night he hooks everything up. Since two players are more fun than one, I was recruited to help test it. First up-bowling. I had never played Wii before. There is a remote control thingy with lots of buttons. There are lots of settings in the TV screen that need to be chosen, clicked on, and set. There is a magic bar that sits in front of the TV that reads the infrared from the remotes. It's all very sciencey. So Mr. Bee set all this electronic wizardry up, handed me my remote, and asked if I had any questions. I said, "Yes, why are my little bowler's boobs on crooked?" Mr. Bee hung his head. Of all of the questions I could have asked regarding set up, rules or how to play. Of all of the wonder I could have professed over his prowess and mastery over all things electronical, I was more concerned with the deformities of the little cartoon person that represented ME on the t.v.. In my defense they appear almost vertical rather than horizontal. I still think she was involved in some horrible bowling accident-too close to the ball return or something- even though Mr. Bee allows that those are her HANDS not her bosoms. I don't believe him. I added insult to injury by repeatedly picking up spares in the game making the announcer exclaim "Nice Spare" to which I would reply, "Thanks but they're crooked". Every time. Yeah. I don't think I'll be invited back to play Wii again which is unfortunate because I really enjoyed it and seemed to show an aptitude for bowling, tennis and golf that was lacking in my formative sports-playing years. Oh well, I guess I will be felled by knitter's/spinner's elbow rather than Wii elbow after all. So be it.

At any rate, tonight's plans are to finish up the singles and ply. I didn't think to divide the roving in half up front so I have been switching bobbins back and forth trying to fill the same amount of singles on each one so that there will be less waste when I ply. Here is another poorly taken but gratuitous singles shot.
I only have three small globs of pencil roving left to spin up. With any luck, I will have actual YARN pictures tomorrow! And they'll be better quality than the one above!


Elizabeth said…
Wait until you buy Wii-Play and take up billiards. Whole months will vanish, just like (snap) that.

The spinning is looking very lovely.
YarnThrower said…
Okay, so I'm going to make sure that my dh doesn't read your post (not that he makes a habit of reading knitting blogs!) -- That way, maybe he won't know that some wives are so nice that they buy their husbands wiis for their birthdays... Your singles look very pretty; I'm looking forward to seeing the yarn!
MadCityMike said…
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog this AM. :) I thought I would check out yours, too. I tried spinning years and years ago, and thought I'd like to try again. I "tried" last year when at a shop, but know it will take too many patient hours/years for me to get proficient enough to actually have yarns to either knit or weave with. Maybe I'll try again in the future when I think I don't have enough to keep me busy. :) Like THAT will ever happen!
I've added you to my "check daily" list of blogs.... (no pressure, REALLY!) :)
knitnzu said…
You so totally need to practice boxing while he's not around. And then tromp his butt into the ground! And make yourself a few wii-mes that represent various aspects of you-fierce, sexy, etc. But don't let him dangle your wii-mes by the head, it's disconcerting to see your arms and legs jiggle all around (the kiddo got one at xmas... months after he'd 'earned' it)
dale-harriet said…
HEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Fortunately for me (I'm sure) Mr Dearling has no interest in wii-ing...hmm, that wouldn't sound at all right, read aloud. But I commend you, I think that's a perfectly lovely birthday gift, and if he has the know-how to connect the thing, he's sure to enjoy it. Me? No, thanks, way too 21st century for me. But I play a mean Jacob's Ladder!
peaknits said…
Sadly, for my 37th birthday, I would like a second guitar for Guitart Hero so my husband and I can play together - like we're in a band. I feel like I'll be going to Star Trek Conventions next...hee hee! Wiiiii = good fun! The spinning is going along fabulously!
DPUTiger said…
My Hubster got a Wii for xmas (I happened to be at Costco when they brought out a flat of the things).

For his b-day, last Sunday, he got Tiger Woods 08 for Wii. The KOARC (Wendy Knits' significant other/Lucy's daddy) was talking about the game for about a month, so I went ahead and bought it.

I still have no real interest in playing, but he's happy so that's good. :)