Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spinnin' Round and Round The Yummy Weekend

I didn't get to go see Franklin this weekend. It just wasn't in the cards so I'll have to live it vicariously through Dale-Harriet. We couldn't have asked for a better representative of the Sow's Ear Hog N Bloggers!

I took a gastronomic tour of Mt. Horeb with friend Anne. We went to Sjolind's Chocolate Shop where I had a West Indies Hot Chocolate containing ground ginger and peanut butter. It was yum! We knit there for a while before toddling down the street to Sommer House Cafe where they make a world class blue cheese chicken salad and Norweigan krumbkaka. More yum! We knit there a while and then headed over to BlackBerry Ridge Woolen Mill where I got a great kit for a sweater for Mr. Bee.>

This picture with the bosomy manikin makes it look a little girly but it's not really. It's a unisex design and the yarn I got is a natural fisher men's tan kinda stuff.

We went to friend Donna and Tom's today for a delicious chop suey lunch and then scurried home to take Ben and Holli for a short stroll in the fine spring weather. Better enjoy it. More snow coming tomorrow!

Other than that, I've been spinning my little fingers off. Here is a shot of some of the claret singles. More Yum! I KNOW!


YarnThrower said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Are we really supposed to get snow? (I don't want to hear about it. I mean, I have DAFFODILS poking through, so I'm cutting off the snow! :-)

dale-harriet said...

Oh - (jumping up and down) when the weather's lovely can I meet you in Mt Horeb for a like journey? (Do they REALLY have krumkake?? I do SO love me some real krumkake...sort of like tube-shaped pizzelles, right? I hope they didn't have anything inside, the *real* ones don't....) Oh, and Franklin said his brother (maybe brother-in-law) is running for Senate in Maine!! I chatted up the Sow's Ear, I bet in time we can lure him all to ourselves! (Remember, Friday night is Late Knit!)

Kitty Mommy said...

Yeah, the straw model with boobs does make the sweater look kind of girlish, but I'm sure the boob-less version will be much more manly! (And gorgeous!)

Bee-you-tee-ful yarn coming together there!

knitnzu said...

Whoa, so pretty!

Cindy G said...

How could I live this close to Mt. Horeb and not know about that chocolate shop? I feel a road trip coming on.
LOVE the colors you are spinning.

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