Houston Wii Have a Problem!

Funny thing about the remotes for the new Wii game that Mr. Bee has. They are about the size and shape of the bones the Bentley and Holli chew every evening. Funny how the motion of playing with them; mimicking throwing a bowling ball or swinging a tennis racket, are the same motions one makes when throwing a Frisbee or a tennis ball for the aforementioned canines. Put them together in Living Room Chez Bee and mayhem quickly ensues!

You have two grown adults trying to launch imaginary bowling balls or hit a cyber baseball pitch,or what have you, and you have two 75# dogs doing the Frisbee Dance and barking merrily at your feet. (Throw it Go ahead. Throw it. You know you want to. I'll bring it back. I will! I will! Throw it! Oh! She's gonna throw it. Aww! She didn't throw it. OK. Next time throw it. I'll get it. I'll get it. Just throw it. THROW IT! THROW IT!!!!! ) Dodging a hyper mega dog is a obstacle rarely seen in an actual bowling alley. We may have to institute a crazy canine handicap!

I have one of my tropical fish socks done but it's too dark to take a picture of it tonight. Its dazzling yellow-ness really needs to be appreciated in the bright light of day. So be forewarned to don your Foster Grants before you read my next entry. I've also been spinning up some 'mermaid' merino. It's all cool greens, aquas and teals, just like a real mermaids tail. At least all the ones I've seen. I have 3 oz of it and I've spun half into lace weight singles already. To say I am spin-crazy these days would be a gross understatement. Why I spin just like a puppy after a Wii remote!


Elizabeth said…
Love the dog story! LOL!
MadCityMike said…
Maybe this could be your next electronic purchase? :)

Cindy G said…
Grinning madly.
dale-harriet said…
Oh Molly BEE! That is so funny....I hope enough snow is gone so you can take those furbabies outdoors and REALLY throw something for them! I mean...reeeeealllly! PS I'm just loving how much fun you and Mr Bee are having with the Wii thingie!
Kitty Mommy said…
Bwahahahahaha! I can just picture it! Crazy doggies!!
knitnzu said…
yeah... we're always sure to put the wiimotes up where the doggies can't get them!
YarnThrower said…
Your dogs (and you!) are hilarious!

I'm getting my sunglasses ready for your next entry!

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