Trials and Tribulations

We've spent the last two days running back and forth the the University Vet hospital with Wee Doggie. $900 worth of tests have revealed that his lack of ability to breathe is being caused by lymph fluid in his chest cavity but there is no known cause. The good news is it isn't cancer and it isn't masses or tumors of any kinds. They just don't know. So they drew a bit of it off to ease his breathing and sent him home. We have to watch him and when his breathing becomes labored again, they will drain more and reevaluate. There really is no 'cure' but surgery and even that is iffy. He's deaf, mostly blind, very lame, fecal incontinent, high strung and has dementia. There really is no need to do surgery just to prolong that. We will keep him as comfortable as we can and hope for the best for now. Ah the hard times of Furbaby ownership. The years of joy out weight the pain and you know this part is coming, but it's still difficult.

I will be so glad when I finish knitting this $%^&*(% sweater! Half and arm and the button band to go. I hate it. It's totally not like the other pattern (v neck) by the same publisher. It's sloppy and Grammie isn't going to like or wear it, and there are so many cool projects that I want to do. I don't think I was cut out to knit sweaters. Not enough instant gratification like there is with small projects. Speaking of small projects, I got an email from Blue Moon today saying that the first sock kit for the Socks That Rock Sock Club has been sent. I joined for the first time this year and I can't wait! I need a little bright spot these days and I nearly accosted our mailman when he came today even though I had just gotten the email and knew it wouldn't be in today's post. It's the little things.

I have an appt. with a hypnotherapist tomorrow. New Agey I know, but I did so well after I went to that self-hypnosis seminar, until it fell by the wayside, that I thought I'd at least get the free evaluation that they offered and see if there is a way to get my innate stress levels down. I am a chronic thinker and worrier. If I could get a hold of that, a lot of other problems in my life would be more easily managed like say...I don't know...chest pain! We'll see. Either it will help or Mr. Bee will be amused because I quack like a duck every time the doorbell rings. Who knows.


Mum said…
Hang in there.
peaknits said…
I am sorry to hear Wee Doggie is struggling - poor little fella. It is tough to watch them in their journey but they sure do brighten our lives.

Keep me posted on the hypnosis, I'd be willing to try anything to sleep at night sometimes:) Take care!