In Case Anyone Asks You

Wanna know what it looks like when you grind up 90 Oreos in the food processor, mix it with 16 oz. of cream cheese and then spend over an hour rolling it all up into little one teaspoon-sized balls? (Besides fresh deer droppings? I know. That thought always makes it easy not to taste test at this stage.)

It looks like this....

So now you know.

They'll get popped in the fridge overnight and dunked in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or pink-tinted, white chocolate tomorrow night. Then they'll recieve a light dusting of pink or red colored sugar crystals, get nestled into little pink foil cups, and placed on a a heart-shaped plate complete with doily . Then they'll be all dressed up and ready for their debut on Valentine's Day! Who luvs ya, Baby!


YarnThrower said…
Your co-workers are so lucky! Your treats sound delicious!
Elizabeth said…
I've never been a big Oreos fan, but that might just put me over. MMMM.
Mum said…
For a chocaholic like me, these sound irresistable....lucky scientists.
peaknits said…
O.M.G. Did you need any help dunking? Yum! All of that wonderful futzing - you have lucky co-workers indeed. I think if I made these, I would be dropping them on the floor just to eat them myself!

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