Sunday, February 25, 2007

Satahdee Night Suppah

The blueberries were on the table and the moose, loons, potatoes, lighthouse and Mt. Katahdin were on the buffet; all ready for the Aroostook County Maine Satahdee Night Baked Bean Suppah!

I cooked all day with the fear that no one would be able to come because of the BLIZZARD. That's right! 15" of blowing snow! This 'March comes in like a lion' stuff started a little early this year! But we have the best friends in the world. They all made it! The mailman didn't even show up yesterday and it signed that 'neither rain nor sleet' contract, but they bundled up and made it all the way to our house!

It was so much fun. All of the food turned out edible and we all had a great time visiting. I made baked beans, potato salad (the Maine way where the potatoes are mashed), coleslaw, red Maine hot dogs, biscuits, Maine-shaped sugar cookies and blueberry/raspberry cobblah! We wrapped up a little early because of the snow and bedtimes for little ones, but it couldn't have gone better. I think it will be an annual thing from now on!

We needed a little fun and relaxation for what awaited us in the morning. 15 inches of wet heavy snow and a 5 foot mountain of huge snowballs where the plow came through at the end of the dooryard. Took nearly 3 hours to clear it all away, but it was kinda neat because the whole neighborhood was in the same boat so we all helped each other out. The snowblowers wouldn't go through it so it had to be shoveled first and then snowblowed. I am so lame tonight that I can hardly move. Tomorrow I ought to really be in rough shape. We are supposed to get 2-4 more inches over tonight and tomorrow morning. Not enough for a snow day, but I (and all of the school kids in south central Wisconsin) are praying for a snow day anyway!


peaknits said...

I'm praying with you for that snowday! :0)

Sister Sue said...

I'm so glad you got to have your bean suppah! Your cookies were adorable, by the way. It's very "Maine" to treck through the snow for a good meal, so maybe this storm business was just part of the Maine charm. Granted, we've only had one real snow storm this year, but still. Snow doesn't stop Mainers!

Elizabeth said...

A bunch of schools in the area did either cancel or delay. But not Madison.

I am feeling muscles I haven't felt since last year!

So glad the bean supper went well. You have very intrepid friends, for sure.

Mooers Realty said...

Excellent posts!

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