I Make Plans. God Laughs

Don't know if my Aroostook County Maine Satahdee Night Suppah will happen tomorrow night or not. I've cleaned, planned and cooked. The potato salad is done, the beans are soaking, the Maine cookies are ready: lobstahs, loons, lighthouses and moose don'tcha know! (Picture is at a wierd angle, but you get the idea. The loons aren't burnt. They have a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar) I even ordered Jordan's Red Hotdogs all the way from Falmouth, Maine. anything for authenticity. And now, we are supposed to get the biggest storm of the season. Up to 13 " most of which is supposed to fall tomorrow night. Figures.

It's been that kind of a week actually. I spent all day yesterday in the ER hooked to various wires and tubing. I thought I might have a little bronchitis or something. Had some pressure in my chest so I called my doctor who told me to either get a ride to the ER or call an ambulance. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. My hero, Mr. Bee, drove me down there and they filled me full of nitroglycerine and aspirin, wired me to the nines and then decided it wasn't a heart problem. So I had to go to Nuclear Medicine to have some radioactive scan to see if I had a blood clot in my lung. When they couldn't find anything there, they said that they were 'fairly confident' that it wasn't anything serious but wanted to do a stress test. I said that I was 'fairly confident' that they were right and that I would be departing before the stress test since I had just had one as a part of my annual exam and it was fine. They gave me lots of possibilites; gastro, pleurisy, esophogial spasm, all of which required its own special torture to diagnose. Since none of those things involved my heart or lungs giving out, I left and decided to just wait it out. These things usually go away on their own anyway. It was my doctor who raised such a fuss! I still have the pressure and now I have welts all over my body from being allergic to the adhesive on the stickers they were so liberal with and bruises from IVs and needle sticks. Shoulda kept my big mouth shut!

Don't think I am going to be able to go to Mrs. SABLE's knit in tomorrow morning which bums me out because I am almost finished with a lace scarf-Branching Out from Knitty. I was so impressed with the ones that Allison at 'Whole Ball Of Yarn(s)' has done that I just had to try one. What a slick pattern. But. alas...something tells me I will be cooking and shoveling all day and no one will be able to make it through the weather. Oy! So it goes. We'll have beans and red hot dogs for a month!


YarnThrower said…
Whoa.... I'm glad that it wasn't your heart, and hope that whatever it is doesn't come back! Total bummer about the timing of this snow storm and your party! It makes a great story, but I imagine it's not much fun for you!
peaknits said…
I laughed too - at the title of your post of course. I just got in from Madison at 11:30 pm - a 30 minute drive took 90 minutes - good grief charlie brown, be careful if you go out there:) Great weekend to hunker down with lot and lots of yarn! Love the cookies! Take care!
Elizabeth said…
I'm not going to be at knitting group this morning either! Between the weather and plans that Owen made to take a couple friends to a movie for his birthday (better late than never) it just isn't in the cards this month.

I'm glad it wasn't your heart. I hope it feels better soon! (I get itchy from the adhesives, too.)