Molly Bee's New Favorite Thing

Went to our friends D&T's house for supper. T worked some culinary wizardry and made a Swiss steak dish that was to die for but everyone knows that the key to Molly Bee's heart can be found on the dessert cart. They found a place on State Street that sells gelato so they bought four different kinds for us to try. I tried a little bit of all four (of course); there was deep, dark chocolate, vanilla-chocolate chip, wedding cake (which tasted like white cake batter-YUM) and my new favorite thing on the planet VIOLET! Not only was it my favorite color (lilac purple0 but it was sooooo good. T said he thought it tasted like frozen perfume but I LOVED it. Very crisp and refreshing. The world is a little better place now that I know violet gelato exists. D said that they got that one especially because it was purple and they knew that was my favorite color. Wasn't that thoughtful? It was a great dinner, delightful conversation, amazing gelato and best of all-spending time with good friends. Now I can go to bed happy. All is right in Molly Bee's world! Goodnight!


peaknits said…
Where on State Street? The Gelato sounds cake?? To die, I bet!

Sorry I missed you Friday...

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