Gettin' Schooled!

I've learned many new things over the past few days. I learned how to draw 'Auraknot' the new Zentangle pattern and theme of this week's Diva Challenge...
Auraknot is the star in the middle of the design. I like how it looks woven.

I also learned how to make Butterfinger cake.  I made it for friends and it received two thumbs up.

(Photo by the great wonderful, FANTASTIC, couldn't get any better, friend Joseph "The Great" Tremain. Description of photo written by the same.)

Butter Finger Cake
Bake a yellow cake (mix or from scratch in a 9x13 pan).
When it comes out of the oven, poke holes in it with a straw or a fork.
Mix a can of sweetened condensed milk and a jar of Smucker's Caramel Ice Cream Topping together.
Pour all over the top (and in the holes) of the still warm cake.
Cool completely.
Once it's cool, sprinkle two crushed Butter Fingers candy bars over the top.
Cover all of that with a container of Cool Whip
Sprinkle two more crushed Butterfingers on top of that. 
(If you freeze the candy bars, you can smash them in their wrapper and then sprinkle them).

I also learned a fast-paced, wildly flamboyant  version  of the hokey pokey last  night when I stepped out onto the patio and a thirteen lined ground squirrel ran up my pant leg. He only got at far as my knee before my frenetic gyrations dislodged him.  Thank goodness there is no photographic evidence...that I know about anyway, but you can bet I'm keeping a close eye on my neighbor's You Tube account just in case.  Here is a picture of a relative of the culprit so you can imagine why I was so ...uh... enthusiastic.
Normally, I'd be chasing him around the lawn, trying to scoop him up and smooch him, but he kind of surprised me, making a mad dash for my lady parts and all, so he was out of my pant leg and had scurried away (did I hear him snickering a little squirrely snicker?) to tell his little friends of his adventure before I had a chance to think about it, grab and snuggle him. Next time, Mr. Thirteen Lined Ground time.

What did you learn this week?


Susan said…
Love this post...from the Auraknot to the squirrel, with a little sweetness thrown in for fun. (I had never noticed the geometric pattern in a ground squirrel's fur until I saw your close close as I want to get to those little rascals).
ledenzer said…
The star shines forth in a bed of beautifully placed tangles!
Alice said…
your auraknot looks lovely - what i'm really liking is that cake! haha! i pinned it so i could save the recipe :)
Linda w said…
Great tangle, I'd love to try your cake...if only I could, and your squirrel story made me laugh. Hugs LIn
Lorraine said…
Aww that squirrel is so cute! And he has a zentangle on his back - what could be better? Your cake looks scrummy but I daren't try it as I'm diabetic. And your zia is brilliant!
Sweet Freedom said…
Very pretty tangle!
Dianne said…
Your zentangle is fabulous! Ah, if only we could keep squirrels as pets...
Your zentangle is lovely. Your cake looks yummy but I can't handle that much sugar, and your story about your squirrel had me rolling on the floor in laughter. I would be most unhappy if any critter, even one as cute as this one, was heading for my "lady parts". I'm still laughing. Did you notice the tangle pattern on that little cutie's back? (Still laughing).
Deb Ammerman said…
Wonderful job on the challenge with auraknot, your cake looks yummy! I love cake! Now I have to say your story about the squirrel was hilarious! These little critters are all over the place in our back yard. I would totally freak out if one tried to climb up my leg! We have one that has taken up residence in our garage, I tell him to get out all the time, but he doesn't listen. Thanks for sharing and giving me a giggle today. :)