Sunday, March 13, 2011

Three On The Ground!

This sign is woefully out of date!  It should read' 13 sets of triplets', '33 left to lamb' and 80 lambs total because I took this picture about two minutes before I got to see a ewe give birth to triplets!!!! You would have thought I was their mama I was so awestruck and  proud!  I got there before the farm was actually open and the only folks around were staff folks setting up.  I heard a ruckus over in the 'birthing suite', ran over and sure enough in the blink of an eye 'three on the ground'. 
I was so rapt, I didn't even take pics. Didn't even think about my camera until I was back on the other side of the barrier...but if you look closely in the pen, you can see one of the fresh-born lambies (lambie # 1) next to his mama. Lambies' # 2 and #3 were still laying down as it was an exhausting journey.
There were also slightly older lambies and their maaa-maaas.
As well as those a bit older still and adventerous enough to venture a few feet away from home.
As well as chickens...
And my second favorite to lambies...piggies!  I'm pretty sure these at the famous 'three little' of lore.  You can see the remains of their straw house there under their feet. They were uber friendly and let me skritch them all over while they made delightful piggy noises.
And I was surprised to see baby moos in south central Wisconsin. I thought they were only in Maine!
So now it's spring. I saw two robins (finally) on Friday and have witnessed birth up close and personal-like. Being on more snow if you want, but now it won't last and the winter of a million nights is finally over!  Happy Spring!


Kitty Mommy said...

Love it!

MadCityMike said...

These photos were taken at A-Z Farm?

terri browne said... precious! Were you there for a knitting demo? Yay - spring is finally around the corner!

Lisa/knitnzu said...

I'd think the land of cheese has lots of baby moos! How cool you got to see all those babies!!!!

dale-harriet said...

Lambies! Baby moos (I love me some baby moos.) And I'm a big fan of A to Z too. I haven't seen a robin yet (Paul says he sees 'em all winter in the Arboretum...I think he's fibbin') but some of my box-elder pals are back; that's a sign of spring for sure!

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