Spring Suffers Setback

I wish I could put one of those circle with a line through it thingies on the title banner of my blog. Spring has sprung. Yeah. Right.  This is the rain we were promised that was supposed to take off the lingering skriddlings of snow we had left. Pretty thick rain!  Slippery-ah than a cuppa custahd too, Deah!  I got stuck on the way to work.  I was doing great until I got to a stoplight on a hill.  Couldn't get started once I had stopped on the red. Maybe if the roads in Madison had seen even a hint of a snowplow or a dash of salt it would have been better, but true to form, we citizens are responsible for chowdering it all up into a finely minced slurry that is  much like driving in petroleum jelly mixed with snot.
Much as every weatherman in the Southern Dane County area lied, so lieth I.  I'm putting Mollydoodles on a Wednesday-gasp.  There's a reason though. This is the first time I'm entering The Zentangle Diva's weekly challenge.  Her button is on the left side of my blog if you'd like to scope it out. This week's challenge is "Blue". Since I've only doodled in black and white, it was a different experience for me. Not sure I like it as much as the crisp black on white, but it was fun to explore.

Blue Bamboo

Sad Movies

I thought this one was particularly apropos given our current weather situation.

But it can always turn around. Just thinking about it made me hit the color like crazy!
Bugs and Blooms

Neither rain, not sleet yadda, yadda, yadda will keep me from the Ear tonight. Meeting friend Scott to doodle. Can't wait. I've never doodled with anyone else before. I hope he's gentle.


dale-harriet said…
I knew "le couleur" would be an enhancement! These are all literally breathtaking, and it's lovely to have these being brought to fruition on paper. If these are what's inside of you -- then you're as beautiful inside as out! (Which I knew anyway, but here's scientific documentation, so there.)
I love the "Sad Movie".
Cindy G said…
Love the Blue Bamboo best, maybe because it reminds me of my favorite china pattern, but they are all really neat.
Jeanette B said…
someone had all sorts of fun, cute taglin
sandy petals said…
I think they are all fantastic! I've never doodled with anyone either? was it fun?
ptrish40 said…
These are so cute and clever - I really like the sad movie a lot!
Your blue tangles are beautiful.
terri browne said…
Aaron and I always thought the plowing (or lackthereof) in Madison left much to be desired. I saw several people stuck on hills in our two winters in Madison!

Beautiful doodles Mollybee - I really enjoy looking at them!
Lisa/knitnzu said…
Spring? What's that????? ahahahahhaha
stART said…
I have no idea where you found the time to make so many responses to the challenge, but I like them all!

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