Monday, March 14, 2011

Mollydoodle Monday

My blue tangles from earlier last week made it into the slide show over on the Diva's site.  Click HERE if you want to see some REAL talent.   This week's challenge is to do an entire doodle using your non-dominant hand.  Oy! That oughtta be  wicked gaw-jus when it's done, Deah! But I'm looking forward to trying it anyway.

At any are the others I did last week.

I did this one with friends and was distracted so ...meh. It was fun to get together with Scott and Michael for the evening though!
The more I look at this one, the more disturbing it is and I'm not sure exactly why....
My favorite quote and more experimenting with color.  The fern on the right is clunky in a 'hand rising from the grave' kind way.
This is the only one I've been really happy about this week.  I love the 3-D stuff!

The best part is, even if they turn out sucky, it's sooooo relaxing. If anyone wants to get together and learn the basics, I'm game.  It's so much fun!  Call me and we'll doodle together!


stART said...


Lisa/knitnzu said...

I wonder if #2 there has something torn in it... with the cardiac rhythm behind it. Broken hearts? Heart attacks? Or not. Who am I to say?? You're really enjoying these, no?

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