Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'd Like To Thank The Academy...

Guess what you guys?! I won an award! The proprietor of PZ Designs picked MY blog as one of the group she awarded a 'Blog With Style' award!  I KNOW right?! I was surprised and honored. You should all  pop on over to her blog. She makes some wicked gawjus jewelry for her Etsy shop.

Seems this here award comes with a few rules and stipulations.  Number one is to tell 7 things about myself.  I know, like you'll don't already have too much information in that department  right?  But I want the award dammit, so here goes...hmmm 7 things you DON'T already know....Deep Dark Secret Time...Heck! I'll even give you 3 bonus ones!

1.  I love awards and will follow all the rules to get one.
2.  One time I beat up a deaf kid in a bowling alley. It was an accident, but he still deserved it.
3.  I can remove my socks without using my hands. Talent or super power?  Don't judge until you've seen the  show.
4.  I once fed 20 something baby raccoons with  baby bottle. By the time # 20 was fed, it was time to go   back to #1. Lather. rinse. repeat as needed.
5.  I was once in a PBS movie about Admiral Perry. (Before you ask, I was not cast as Admiral Perry although I knocked the audition out of the ball park!)
6. I have eaten horse (and shamefully liked it a little).
7.  I have touched and communed personally with a baby tiger, an albino wallaby, apilot whale, an orca, moose, bears, deer, groundhogs, a fox, a monkey, dolphins, a 50# python, seals, bat rays, sharks,  an otter, an alligator and all other manner of wild beasties.
8.  I fully anticipate that my obituary will reflect some sort of mishap in the #7 department.
9.  I can sing the alphabet backwards even the ' cbas my know I now' part. Again, no judging 'til you see the act. Tickets on sale through Ticket Master or see me at the door the night of the show. 
10. I once rocked in a rocking chair for 12 hours straight  for charity. And that was before I did handwork!  Seemed like a big feat then, but now that there's knitting....no so much!

So there you have it. Bet you didn't know at least one of those things, if not all 10!  I'll be happy to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have via email!

The second part of the award is to pick 15 other blogs to whom to present the award.  The hard part about that one is limiting it to 15, but do it I must.  I like to think of it as the 'should I be unable to fulfill my duties as a 'Blogger With Style'...you can turn to these stylish folks.

Whew!  If you think 'She forgot MY blog', consider yourself nominated too and join in on the fun. Of course that swill negate statement # 1 on my Seven Things About Me list...

Anyway, thanks again PZ Designs!  This has been really fun.  Now get out there Stylish Bloggers and start creating your lists!

In order to accept this award please do the following:

1. Put a picture of the Stylish Blogger Award in your blog.

2. Thank and link back to the person who awarded it to you.

3. Share 7 things about yourself.

4. Pass this award to 15 other creative bloggers!


Michelle said...

Well, thank-you very much, Molly Bee! I got this from someone else recently and don't think I could come up with more deep, dark secrets, so you'll have to go with my previous nomination fulfillment for my acceptance speech. :-)

terri browne said...

Congrats Melinda! You are certainly deserving! I'm still trying to figure out your fact about beating up the kid in a bowling alley though...am I missing something???

Can't wait to see you and April, then you can show me your award plaque/statue... :)

Carole Meisenhelter said...

Congratulations from me Melinda; and thankyou for passing it forward to me. Goodness, now that's putting me to the test; revealing what hasn't been told...of course there's been a reason for that! :)

MadCityMike said...

Awwwwwwww, Ms. Molly Bee. Thanks, but I'll keep on pluggin' along as I have been. I'd have to think too much! I feel honored that you passed the torch "towards" me though. ;)

cyndy said...

Congrats on the Award! Your blog does have STYLE! Just look at your ST Ednas sweater ...it is amazing!

..and thanks for including me on your list of 15!

And thanks for the links to 14 more good blogs to check out ;-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! An award well deserved by you!! Mom says your mother is just as talented as you. I with I was closer so you could rub some of that talent on me. You Rock!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Melinda :) You are awesome and a very good writer. You deserve the award. Thanks for putting the links on your blog to other bloggers. I will have to check it out.

My husband has been removing his socks w/o using his hands for years. I must admit, it drives me crazy!!!

Congrats again.


Lisa/knitnzu said...

Whoa! I was reading along and thinking how much you deserve this, and then ASTOUNDED at your fabulous talents... and then you pass the nod to me, gee, shucks... I've been such a bad blogger. I'll try to pass this along. And I want to hear the cba's sometime! Are you on skype?

Jacqueline said...

You lead an interesting life! Now I have received that award and working on my post. I am following the award trail and finding it very interesting!

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