Monday, February 28, 2011

MollyDoodle Monday

I'm changing from Zentangle Monday to MollyDoodle Mondays because I don't follow the 'rules' of proper 'Zentangling' which involves special paper tiles and pens and methods. I just do what I do as usual and bumble through it my own way. At any rate. Here are this week's tangles in no particular order.

Bits and Pieces

Dale (this was for my friend Dale and contains things that remind me of her-fans, baskets, music, Native American beads, dragon scales for strength and calico flowers like the ones on the dresses she wears. 
This one is for all the folks who didn't see the moose in 'Northern Maine'.   This guy is a wee bit more obvious. See if you can spot him!
I think this one is my favorite of the week. The pussy willows are my current favorite motif!

Pussy willows and lupine.


terri browne said...

They are all beautiful, but I think Dale is my favorite. Can't wait to see more!

Barb said...

Your Mollydoodles are amazing!! I am so glad you don't "follow the rules"....that makes your all the more you!

Elizabeth said...


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