Snowpocalypse 2011

Well, Jimmy the Wisconsin Groundhog couldn't tunnel his way out of his hole so he didn't see his shadow. He dug up about 6 feet into a snowdrift and then gave up and went back down to sleep. Smart rodent! I'm calling and early spring by default; only six more weeks of winter instead of a month and a half!
Outside my door after 'the guy' had snowblowed...snowblown? out.

Click to biggyfy and see how deep the snow blowers path is!

Darn Snow Plow!

I had a little 6 inch snowbank day before yesterday.
Here it's under my bedroom window after I shoveled at 6AM.
It's even higher now since my upstairs neighbor shoveled off her deck!

Note how high the snow is over the snow blower man's head!  The little guy in the driveway has a fake snow blower that he 'helps' with (he's four).  He also has a fake lawnmower and a fake leaf blower that he follows dad around with in the spring summer and fall. . Priming the pump! Good thinking parents!

This is what BooBoo Knee looks like. Ben has been trying to steal this woobie  all winter.  He has two of his own and so I won't let him have it. I was on the sofa last night and when I went to bed, I put it up on the back of the sofa so not even a piece of fringe was hanging down.  This is what I discovered this morning. (And no, he's not supposed to be on the  sofa but he'll have 6-8 weeks of mandatory 'sofa-offness' after Monday so I let it slide this week.) He was just staring forlornly at the 5 foot snowdrift blocking the patio door.  He was much happier when I shoveled it away and he realized he wouldn't have to 'hold it' 'til spring!


Cindy G said…
Looks like you have us beat for snow bragging rights - not by much, but the snow in our front yard is only neck high - can still see over the top.

Good luck to Ben (and you) for successful surgery and recuperation.
Barb said…
Poor Ben has had a rough winter. Hang in there Ben. Springs a'comin'!

Did you get a day off from work? Oh, I hope so...snow days are so wonderful.