Monday, February 14, 2011

Zendoodle Monday

I've decided to try and keep my new-found fascination and love affair with Zentangles and Zendoodling confined to Mondays and not post them everyday even though I am churning them out at an alarming rate.   I finished the one I was working on this weekend. What was supposed to be a rope frame looks like a pie crust so I've decided to call it Pie From Another Planet.
This stuff is so addictive and makes you see doodle patterns everywhere. Yesterday I was obsessed with trees.
I have about 75 more pics almost exactly like these. Wanna see?
And I also tried to convince Steve to steal his plate a breakfast because it has a stark black and white pattern on it. I couldn't help it.  I was 'drawn' to it.  Get it?   Drrrraaawwwwnnnn to it?  From now on I'll keep a sketch pad handy so I won't turn to a life of petty thievery to inspire my habit.

So to recap, my  new found, meditation practice of doodling to reduce stress and obsessive thinking has morphed into a new obsession of collecting patterns to doodle . There is something inherently wrong with that but for the love of all that's good, I can't think what it is right now. Maybe I'll think about it while I'm doodling!


MadCityMike said...

Lookin' good Ms. Molly Bee!

Sara in WI said...

Zentangling is very addictive! MKG was excellent tonight. Were you doodling?

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