OMGosh! I got recognised by total strangers! I was ambling through Target, checking out cleaning products like I actually intended to use them, when I was tapped on the shoulder and asked, "Um, aren't you Molly Bee?"

-First thought: Panic!!! 'Cause in my world, it's never a question of IF I'm in trouble, it's HOW MUCH and for WHICH...ahem...incident. But the lady was smiling and frantically waving another lady over so I was pretty sure I hadn't gotten caught for anything. This time.

-Second thought: Oh crap! I don't recognize this person. I'm absolutely horrible with faces and names. Particularly if I know you from one place (work) and I see you in a totally different place (Starbucks), the Roladex in my brain just starts flipping wildly and I end up drawing a total blank. I always try to pull of a "Hey how ya doin'?" but it's rarely successful.

-Third thought: "Hey did she call me Molly Bee?" Mostly the only folks that call me that are family. This lady doesn't LOOK like Grammie....but....

All of this races through my head in the 30 seconds before she says, "We read your blog all the time! I recognized you from your haircut picture!" Mystery solved. Aside from my family, friends and a couple of routine commenters, I rarely stop to think about the fact that other people have access to the documentation of my freaky life!

We chatted for a couple of minutes. They were wicked nice. It's kind of surreal to have a face-to-face with people you've never met, dont' know anything about, and have them ask you specific questions about your life. They asked about Ben, spinning, and the naked bike parade. They complimented my shawl. They jokingly asked for an autograph and I swear if they had produced a pen I would have signed anything, so flattered was I. I'm sure I came off as such a giddy airhead, that they won't read me anymore, but that aside, the experience sure made my day.

I supposed now I'll have to hire security, slink around in dark glasses, shave my head and take swings at the paparazzi. But such is the life of a publicly recognised blogger, Dahling!!


MadCityMike said…
Well......"some" of us have actually been able to "hang out" a bit with you........other people SHOULD wish for that, too! ;)
Cindy G said…
Cool! And, see, the haircut really is magic.
Lisa/knitnzu said…
terri browne said…
Wow, you are a celebrity! Does this mean that the items you've knitted for William will be worth money someday??? :)
Michelle said…
I have had the pleasure of meeting several of my "blogpals," but have never, EVER, been recognized in public from my blog! You ARE a celebrity! May I someday get to bow at your feet (well, a hug is really more my style). ;-)
Aren't you glad you weren't picking out old lady underwear or a foot massager or Twinkies?

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